"God's Little Angel"
Briana Michelle, Angel above
Look down upon us, With all your love
With your laughs and your giggling
and little wings wiggling
Briana Michelle, Angel above

It's time to play now...Grow and have fun
learn to walk, dance, and run
Do all the things, that you couldn't do here
Stir up a breeze, so that we know you are near
Briana Michelle, Angel above

You're not just any Angel..."You're An Angel of Love"

written by Marlie (Cntrywnd @ aol.com),
who lost her Husband Nick to Heaven recently.

This page was last updated on March 14th, 1999.

She was 14 months old as of Feburay 7th.

Bri was our sunshine, our joy in life, our greatest pain.

Please pray for all the other SMA Angels still with us.

This is Briana's Picture Gallery.
The pictures go chronologically.
I will always add until all we have are seen.

Her Mother asked me to include this one.
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I will remove it. Thank You.

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Briana, her Mom Angie and Dad Neal are my heroes.

For background Graphics...Her Ganny.

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