After 9 difficult months of pregnancy, the time finally arrived to go to the hospital to have baby Cole. Three weeks before his due date, the doctor said that Kristin's blood pressure was just too unstable and it was time for Cole to join the world. They scheduled to induce labor on Sunday, August 11, at 7 pm. They used medicine all night to help get her ready and then started pitocin in the morning. After about 7 hours, alot of waiting and alot of pitocin we still had not felt a contraction. They decided labor was not progressing like it should. At the 10 hour mark, we had dilated one centimeter. An hour later, now 6 pm, it was time to break the water. Then the contractions started fast and furious. There are no words to describe these contractions. After contraction number three it was time for the epidural. Hip Hip Horray to the man who invented the epidural!

Finally, at 2:29 am Tuesday morning Cole Daniel Webb arrived in this world. Dan and Kristin's mom were present for the birthday party. He had already overcome his first major obstacle because he had tied a knot in his imbilical cord before coming out. His doctor said he must be a very strong baby because most babies who do this do not tolerate labor. Must have been all those flips he turned on the inside. From the very first moment we thought he was the most beautiful baby we had ever seen. We thought we had the most perfect family in the world.

Cole weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long. (THREE WEEKS EARLY!) He scored well on his Apgar 9/10. Some of the firsts comments made were...

"He sure does have big paws" -- Grandma Linhardt

"He's amazing" -- Daddy

"He's so heavy" -- Mom

This is Kristin, just waiting.

Brrrrrr.... It's COLD IN HERE!!

This is Dr. Patrick. He helped me come into the world.


It's so hard being beautiful. No pictures please!

And baby makes 3!