Cole started pre-school at Eisenhower school in Fergus Falls in September of this year.  He is having a lot of fun!!!  There are 5 other boys and girls in his class ranging from ages 3-5.  It is great to see him play and interact with the other kids.

Cole got a new and bigger wheelchair last spring.  We had to get a bigger full size van to fit all of our growing family in.  The van has a TV and VCR in it.  Cole is loving that!!!

Cole also received a new ventilator this summer.  It is really nice.  Mom, Dad and the nurses really like it too.  We are hoping that it may help reduce his hospital stays and hopefully keep him healthier. 
Cole has been working real hard on a new communication system.  It is called a Dynamo.  It has lots of pictures and we record messages, so he can pick what he wants to do or how he is feeling.  He also uses it in school to communicate with his teacher and the other kids.

Cole became a big brother again!!!  Noah Allan was born on January 4th weighing in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.  He is doing beautifully.  Cole is a GREAT big brother.  He likes to hold him and Noah loves it as much as he does.

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