My Eighth Month: November 4 through December 3rd

November 4Colin was pretty good today, right Colin?  He had his moments, but he really seems to be getting back to his old self. I am feeling much better.  I only had to have Tylenol once today.  Mom is giving me some formula and/or breast milk in my tube so I feel really full after I nurse.  Oh, what a feeling!  I love when my tummy is full!  I played a lot today.  I love the Halloween balloon that Aunt Chris gave me.  I also played INDEPENDENTLY for short periods of time today.  I loved playing with the jingle cat ball that Mommy gave me.  I can make it jingle, jingle, jingle because I move my arm all around and around and around.

November 7: Mommy said I lost weight again this week.  The nurse weighed me this morning and I lost about 5 ounces.  I'm trying, but Mommy said she's going to help me and give me more milk in my tube. 

November 24: I slept in my bed all night long!  Mommy found me and Daddy snuggled together on the edges of our beds as close as we could get, but I was still in my own toddler bed!  Mommy said this is BIG!

November 25: I met Santa Claus.   We went to a tree lighting in Essex Junction.  First we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for supper.  Then we went to the Five Corners where they have a big, beautiful tree.  Then everyone sang songs.  Then we heard a big truck coming with its siren on.  It was a fire truck.  It stopped near us and Santa came out!   Then we went to the Senior Center where the Boy Scouts had lots of cookies and donuts and cider.  Casey went over and talked to Santa first.  He told him he wanted a book and a video and a truck for Christmas.  Then I went.  Santa held me.  Daddy told him I wanted a puppy.  Then I pulled his beard. 

November 26: Casey had swimming today.  He had fun.  I still can't go in because my G-tube is too new.  Then we went to Kinney's and shopped.   I fell asleep in my car seat in the shopping cart.  Then we had to rush home to meet Casey's Communication teacher.  Aunt Chris came over and we hung out.  You know, Aunt Chris is over 6 out of 7 days.  So if I don't mention that she is here, she probably was, but it's so normal for her to be here I don't write about it.

November 27: I woke up this morning and I was in Casey's room!  The night nurse couldn't come so Mommy and Daddy and I slept downstairs with Casey.   Mommy and I slept on the floor.  I had an egg crate so I was reasonably comfortable.  Mommy had only a sleeping bag!  Daddy got the couch. I was a good boy today.  I didn't do any gagging.  I was happy and played a lot.  Mommy talked to Lily's Mommy today.  She is going to send me some of Lily's nasal prongs to use on my bipap.  Ugh. 

November 28:  I was on bipap twice today!  I didn't cry very much at all.  First, Mommy put on the mask and I tried really hard.  I did it for 15 minutes!  Of course it helped that we had the lights off and Casey was using his disco ball and we had the 98 Degrees Christmas CD on.  And, Mommy brought me my favorite bath toy to chew on and Casey let me hold his plastic frog.  So I did okay.   Then, our RT came and brought some nasal prongs.  They were okay, but felt weird.  I did good for my first time on them.  I also  felt reflux one time today just for a minute. 

November 30:  It was a quiet day today.  I did bipap twice!   The second time Mommy put me in my bed when I was very tired.  Then she put the mask on.  I relaxed and fell asleep for 40 minutes!  After that, I woke, and wanted to sleep without it.

December 1:  Nurse Darla and Deiter stopped by today.  Deiter brought Mommy some German chocolate.  (He lives in Germany).  He brought Casey some CD's of special songs that Casey picked.  One even had his picture on it!   Then Casey and I had our pictures taken for Christmas cards.  Mommy, Daddy and Nurse Julie worked very hard to get us to smile and behave.  Oh, I was on bipap twice today.  Once, I fell asleep.  The other time I played with my balloons and toys.  

December 2: Quiet day today.  I had a nice bath.  Did well on bipap.  Mommy is getting the X-mas decorations out.

December 3:  I spent the morning with Daddy.  Mommy and Nurse Julie went with Casey to swimming.  I guess Mommy was a little worried about taking me in the van!  Dad and I "worked" together.  He did work on his laptop computer and I hung out and helped.  I used my bipap for an hour and a half hanging with my Daddy.  Later I watched Mommy, Nurse Julie and Casey make cinnamon ornaments. 


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What I Like:

.Baths, baths, and more baths

Crinkly paper, or any paper actually!  I like to hold it in my fist and wave it around

playing under my gym

sticking out my tongue, making raspberries, saying "na na na"

chewing on my plastic, pink mermaid bath toy or my yellow, spongy fish

What I Tolerate:

being on my bipap!

What I Don't Like:

being picked up when I'm feeling "refluxy"



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