Colin's Medical Journey...Part III

April 4, 2002 to present:

April 4:  Happy Birthday!  Colin is ONE!  Added about 1/4 tsp of safflower oil to Colin's formula.  Also started with a half a jar more of baby food in each 24 hour period.  (not sure if this is really the date that I started that...)  Colin did have a desatting episode this evening as he was very tired and overstimulated...Came up with in/ex and sx and O2.

April 10: Colin weighed in at 16.03 pounds this morning!  A record as far as I have it recorded.  I'm sure he was 16 pounds in August.  It's amazing to look at photos and see how chubby he was then.

April 11:  Just for fun, we weighed Colin again this AM.   He was 16.09! So, he really must be on the gaining trend.

Ordered some Zantac for Colin.  We'll try it again.   It may take a couple of days because it's one of the medicine's that Medicaid needs a new letter of necessity for from the pediatrician.  I don't know if it will help any at night with the air from the bipap, but it's worth a try.  And, I've been noticing that Colin's breath has been a bit stinky and I'm wondering if he's refluxing a bit.  And, we've been noticing that his poops have been a bit firmer for several days, and farther in-between than normal for him.  So, he's going to get some prune juice (luckily he has the tube!) for a few days.

Tried a warm bath to see if it would help him poop, as he pooped in the tub the last couple of times!  No go.  Warmed up an ounce of prune juice this afternoon.  A couple of hours later he had a small, formed poop.  A while later he had a large soft one!  Yay!

April 13:  Colin has been getting an ounce of warmed prune juice twice a day and it's been working great.  Might not give him any tomorrow and see how he does.

Respiratory-wise Colin has been good.  He's had an episode or two, and a couple of minor "dips".  His secretions have been great during the day!  Actually, on the 11th, he was pretty spitty, but I think it had something to do with trying to poop.  Otherwise, we hardly have to suction him.   When he's on bipap, we have to clear his mouth a lot because the air really rushes through and he doesn't get a chance to swallow, especially when he first goes on...His swallow seems to be good.  Every once in a while when we pick him up he gets a little choky, or if we try to hold him upright, but it's easily corrected if we put him down and put his head to the side and then put in his pacifier.  That really helps him to collect himself and breathe and swallow.

April 14:  Gave Colin Zantac this afternoon.  Second dose right before bed.  Who knows if it will help or not!  Last two night he's done better on bipap.  Still has the gas, but hasn't been protesting too hard with bipap.  Whew.  Hope we're over that.