My 9th Month: December 4 through January 3rd 2002...

Wow, what a rollercoaster month I had.   Mommy didn't have time to write a daily journal, so we will kind of just recap...

I think I did pretty well at the beginning of the month. 

Mommy and the nurses decorated for Christmas.   I love the lights! 

We went and chopped down a Christmas tree at the same place where we got Uncle Bob's tree.  I couldn't have cared less!   Everyone else seemed excited, though. 

Oh, my reflux is pretty bad.  I feel so awful when it hits.  I have 2 medicines, but they only seem to help a little.   (Reglan and Zantac).  When it is really bad, I retch and gag and gas and sometimes I throw up.  Sometimes my Sats drop but I come right back up.

December 8th, we tried to all go to a play called The Toys that Saved Christmas.  It was a special show for kids with special needs.  Well, we all got in the van and ready to go and I had a breathing episode.   It was a pretty bad one.  Once I caught my breath, I felt fine.  Mommy ended up staying home with me while Daddy, Aunt Chris and Nurse Nancy R and Casey went to the play.  I enjoyed having Mommy all to myself!

December 15th we went to a Christmas party at our friend's house, the Knowles'.  Jennifer is our teacher and friend.  Her husband is Crazy Larry, I mean Larry.  Alaina and Gregory (3 and a half and 1 and a half) are our friends.  They had some fun people there and lots of kids and fun things to play with.  AND Santa came!  Casey seemed pretty interested in him.   I cried!  I did pretty well, no bad episodes, but Mommy was nervous the whole time.

Grandma and Grandpa Canosa flew up from Florida.  I even remembered them!  December 20th was Grandpa's birthday.   We had a cake and candles for him.

Mommy spent a lot of time wrapping gifts and doing stuff like that.  I liked to help and watch.  I love my stroller.  I go everywhere around the house in it.

The week before Christmas Casey and I had a break from our therapists and teachers.  It was nice to just hang around and be with our family.

AND Casey and I both caught a bad cold.   Ugh. 

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What I Like:

Anything that jingles.  I've learned that if I shake something fast, it might make a cool noise!  I have rattles that jingle, bracelets that jingle, bells on ribbon that jingle...

Watching the ceiling fan in Casey's room

Taking baths with my brother.  Casey doesn't mind, really. 

What I Don't Like:

seeing the bipap mask coming at me




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