My Second Month:

May 5 to June 4, 2001

I am starting to get biggggg!  Wait until the doctor sees me next month!

I went with my brother while he went swimming!  I was a pretty good boy while we were at the pool.  Lots of people came over to me and said, "Oh, what a cute baby!"  Casey loved swimming!  

Taking baths is fun.  I wiggle and wiggle my legs like a frog.

I am losing all the dark, fuzzy hair that I was born with.   Luckily, I have some growing back!

My eyes are still a beautiful, dark blue.

I make lots of smiles, but not when Mommy puts the camera or video camera up to her face to try to catch them.

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What I  Like:

Jiggling, jiggling, jiggling.

Walking thru the house.

Laying on the hammock in the yard with my Daddy in the evening.

Watching the sky and the clouds.

Watching the fan spin and spin.

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What I Don't Like:

Being left alone for more than two seconds.

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