Courtney's Miracle Meeting Minutes!

**First Meeting**

Erica Esparza
Fire Chief Garcia
Fire Fighter Eric
Stephanie and Corinne Jeandheur
our family
Topics of discussion:
Location Possiblities, Photographer, DJ, Ticket idea's, Decoration's and possible party menu.
Chief Garcia and Erica both agreed to start searching for the venue location with hopes of getting the rental fee's waived. We decided that we need to have the venue and date secured by the end of November.
Stephanie and Dalia Martinez will be in charge of decorations with the theme to be elegant, fairy tale, story book but not the disney princesses. Candace wants the chairs to be covered with white and have pink bow sashes. Nothing gold.
Erica has volunteered to be in charge of acquiring the DJ.
We need a crew of volunteers for:
set up
clean up
We decided to wait until the next meeting to talk about the food and cake.
We need to start getting different things together from area businesses for a possible raffle and or door prizes. 
We agreed on the next 'Miracle Meeting' date.
Thursday January 17, 2008.
Thanks to those of you that called to let us know that you couldn't make it to this meeting. My oldest daughter Shirley likes to know ahead of time so she can plan on how much food is needed. She prepared a wonderful meal with grilled chicken breast with pasta and alfredo sauce, another Italian pasta dish, and our favorite salad. I call it her copycat Olive Garden Salad. She had garlic bread also. The desserts were Shirley's homemade oatmeal-raisin cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. She also tried a new cake recipe, banana walnut. Erica brought some mini cupcakes.
Thanks so much Erica, Chief Garcia, Eric, Stephanie and Corrine for attending Courtney's 1st Miracle Meeting.