Hope you all had a great holiday! Ours started off early with us going to Gallery Furniture to pick out Courtney's new tv on Tuesday July 1st. Courtney got to meet Mack and I took pictures of them together. Mack is quite a collector of memorabilia, his largest collection on display at his store is the Elvis Presley collection, Mack even has one of Elvis' car's, a cape and much more. I remember when  I was a little girl, my mom would put Elvis records on the record player and we would all dance together. My mom has always been a big Elvis fan, we went to the rodeo together to see him back in the seventies. Lovin' Elvis sort of goes along with being an American, like baseball, apple pie and Independence Day Celebrations, even though the Lovin' Elvis tradition stopped with me in our family. My kids knew my mom loved him, the only thing Candace and Sarah remember about Elvis is that Uncle Jessie on Full House, their favorite program on TV, used to impersonate Elvis. One thing for sure, Elvis is alive and well in my memory.
We celebrated my oldest daughter Shirley's birthday on Thursday July 3rd. I ordered her favorite cake, strawberry tres leches. You can tell from the picture, how serious her face was as she was deciding where to make the first cut in the cake. It was covered with glazed strawberries, pineapple, peaches and a cherry on top. I had a cute video clip of us singing Happy Birthday to her but once again, One True Media could not upload the clips.
On the Fourth of July we went to a church near to our house to watch the fire works display. Courtney loved it, she kept "talking" the whole time. Kendall had a good time sitting on the blanket eating a snow cone, she would yell out to us telling us which ones she liked the best. The weather was perfect, not too hot and no mosquitoes yet.
Saturday July 5th, we went over to my daughters's to let Kendall play in the pool. She had a good time, Courtney loved being there. I would hold her hand and let her throw a small ball out in the water to Candace, Sarah and Kendall, she thought it was so funny. Afterward we went inside to cool off and the girls wanted to change. Kendall was playing with Uncle Darrich and their castle for a little bit before we went home. 
Sunday was a day for rest for everyone. In the afternoon, Sarah and I went to the hospital to visit with Hayron and his parents for a little while. It was so good to see them, we love them all so much. Hayron's color looked good he just seems tired. Before his trach surgery he had been trying so hard to breathe on the bipap. He is such a sweet child, I love seeing his face with his big eyes. His parents told me that on Monday, Hayron would be moved from the PICU to a room on the floor. I hope Hayron gets better real soon so he can go home. It was heavenly to kiss his chubby cheeks again.