Saturday May 9, 2009

Courtney has added another amazing adventure to her little book of life, she got to go fishing! What a day we had, fishing, riding a boat, meeting new people and being with friends. You wouldn't think that someone who owns a million dollar home would be willing to share their wealth with a bunch of special needs kids and their families that they didn't even know, but they did. The home belongs to Lion Pat McPherson and the Conroe Noon Lions Club sponsors the kids on the lake event that we were blessed to be able to attend. We didn't even have to bait our own hooks or remove the fish from the hooks once they were caught. Lunch was provided, grilled burgers and hot dogs with chips along with all the ice cold sodas and water you could want. There were all kinds of desserts and snacks also. Someone would come and ask us if they could get us something to drink or if we needed anything. We were treated like we were royalty. Sack races were held on the lush green lawn along with face painting and water guns and the lake water came right up to the grass where you could fish or go over to the covered pier to be out of the sun. The United States and Texas flag were flying high on the lawn sort of waving to us as I looked up at the beautiful sky.

For those of you who don't know us, Courtney and her best friend Hayron have t he same terminal illness, Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1. There is no cure or treatment at this time. We try to let Courtney experience as many things as she can, at least once. She and Hayron have been friends since Courtney's 4th birthday. The Merida family and our family try to get together pretty often, sometimes just at home and sometimes we take them on outings. We think it is important for Courtney to spend time with Hayron so she will know that she is not the only child in the world like her. Hayron's little sister Gretel and Courtney's little sister Kendall play together too.

Candace was holding Courtney's fishing pole for her and caught a cat fish for her. Courtney was all smiles as the nice man helping us held the fish up so she could touch it. Later on Kendall caught 2 cat fish, she was so proud of herself. Hayron and his family caught a fish too. We thought Courtney and Hayron would not be able to ride one of the boats because there wasn't enough room for their wheelchair/strollers to roll inside. I had told Candace to turn Courtney around so she wouldn't be able to see Kendall getting on a boat because I knew Courtney would start to cry. For the past few months Courtney has started crying because she can't do things that her little sister can do, like riding a train or a pony. It just breaks my heart when she cries.  There was a lady that was at the boats and she told us to stop and wait that there was a bigger boat coming and that Courtney and Hayron
will ride that boat, for us not to worry. Just as the boat arrived the lady had gone to get four strong men to lift Courtney and her wheelchair/stroller into the boat, then they lifted Hayron into the boat also. I started to get tears in my eyes because I was so happy for these two special children. Courtney was all smiles as we started our wonderful boat ride, Candace had lifted Courtney's head a little so she could see the water and also look across the boat at her best friend Hayron. We could have stayed on that boat all day long and our wonderful boat driver, Captain Brian, would have been glad to let us but there was a long line of children back on the pier waiting to ride the boat.

As we were leaving the girls each got a pail filled with goodies and a trophy. They were so proud of those trophies, Kendall told us, "See I'm a winner and look there's my name on my trophy." The trophy said kids on the lake 2009 and Conroe Noon Lions Club but I wasn't going to tell her any different. I told her yes I do see your name and I am so proud of you, you and your sissy are such good fisher girls!

I want to thank the Conroe Noon Lions Club for our amazing day, filled with fun, sun, boat rides and fishing, memories we shall cherish forever. During the whole da y, our thoughts were all good, filled with joy and happiness. I have to say this was such a relaxing day and  we were treated so well, I almost forgot that we have a child with special needs, it was like our children were just like any other kids on the lake!