What better way to spend a warm June Sunday afternoon than riding around with the girls in a BMW with the top down?
So what if a few laws were broken. We were on a mission to add another exciting adventure to Courtney's little book of life.
The star of this montage is THE PRINCESS COURTNEY. She's the young girl living life to the fullest, grabbing every moment of excitement that comes her way. Co-stars are listed in random order. Miss SueAnne Scruggs. She's Courtney's wonderful Speech Therapist and the vivacious owner and driver of the dream machine. SueAnne is always coming up with exciting things for Courtney to do. Miss Candace Rosas. She's Courtney's mommy, sitting near her and encouraging SueAnne to drive faster because the faster she drove the bigger Courtney's smiles were. Miss Tania Elizalde. She's the wild and crazy pretty girl holding the camera and being blown around on the back of the BMW. She is Courtney's personal professional photographer extraordinaire. Tania goes to great lengths to make sure that our family has many beautiful pictures of Courtney to treasure.
The daring Divas were letting nothing get in the way of our mission. They moved the barricades blocking the entrance to the park and sped off leaving Grandma to contend with the park authority who had just drove up and who was threatening to call the police on the Divas. It was a wild and wickedly fun afternoon! Courtney got to ride in a BMW TOPLESS and fast! She had the wind blowing in her hair and saw the sea gulls flying up above. I'll never forget how Courtney almost had a run in with the law!

Courtney has changed my life, for the better. I see things as I never saw them before. Finding excitement in Courtney's face  and in her eyes, I savor each smile. Thank you Lord for our wonderful memories.
Thanks to Courtney's accomplices, SueAnne and Tania. You both made this day extra special. We will never forget all the fun we had.