Sunday morning we arrived at the beautiful Haak Vineyards and Winery.
Everyone was running around getting everything ready for the beginning
of the Caring for Courtney Classic Car Show and Benefit. There were
many factors not in our favor this day. There was the large Pasadena
Strawberry Festival, High School Senior Activities and rain predicted.
All we could do was go for it and do the best we could. As it turned
out this was one the most wonderful adventures Courtney has ever had. I
need to thank so many people for supporting us with this event.

sat in front of the wonderful Peewee Bowen Band as they performed
tirelessly for the benefit of one pretty little red headed girl called
Princess Courtney. As I looked around the pavilion at all the faces,
some familiar and some not, I thought of how each has a story. A story
about Courtney, about how she has touched them in some way. She
couldn't speak a word to call out for them to help her. Some had never
even met Courtney before, only heard of her from others and knew she
was a child in need. First and foremost I need to thank Peewee Bowen
and his band. Without their help this event would not have been the
wonderful event that it was.  Peewee Bowen and his band had worked very
late the night before but still came out for Courtney, charging us not
a penny for their time and talent. We will be forever thankful to these
wonderful men. Peewee spent lots of time telling his car club friends
about Courtney and asked them to take their beautiful classic cars out
to display at the winery in her honor. There was no car show
competition, no trophy to be won for these people. They came just out
of the goodness of their hearts. The Bayou City Cruisers were very
generous and donated a check for $400.00 for Courtney. I want to thank
Charles Whitley also, he spent a good deal of time selling many tickets for
Courtney. There were all kinds of beautiful classic cars there for
Courtney. It
must have been 20 or 25 in all from many different classic car clubs.
We can never re-pay these people for their kindness. Many of these
people went to the pavilion and danced to the wonderful music and bought
bottles of wine. They bought raffle tickets and bid on the silent
auction items. They are such good people. We hope to get to know them
better. We are planning on taking Courtney to hear Peewee and his band
again in June. Courtney smiles when we ask her if she wants to go dance

I want to thank the employees and the owners of the
winery. They were silently working behind the scene, setting up tables
and chairs. The food was prepared and wines set out on display.
Although we were charged for the food, cokes and wine with Courtney's
personalized label, there was no charge for us to use the facility. I
did not know until that day that the Haak family had lost a
granddaughter when she was just 18 months old. Gladys could hardly
speak to me, even after 20 years the memory of her grandchild still
brings her to tears. All the tips earned that day from the gift shop
and from the chef and staff were donated to Courtney. Their tips were
not much money but it was what these caring people had to offer. I was
moved beyond words. We appreciate the kindness of all these people.

Caring for Courtney Volunteers were wonderful. There was Suzanne and
the Girl Scouts painting faces. We had never met any of them before.
The girls had painted Caring for Courtney on their arms, such a sweet
way to show that they care for our little angel. I was proud of each of
them for spending their Sunday afternoon helping out. It's amazing how
these girls are so young and already have such giving hearts. We
are very thankful for each of them. Ernest Barrera is my daughter
Shirley's instructor at the college she attends. Ernest not only
volunteered to come out and help with the event he also made baskets
for the silent auction and purchased all the frames which described
each of the items on the table. Ernest is a real gentleman with a heart
of gold. Sitting with Ernest at the ticket table was David, he is a
classmate of Shirley's. I found out that he has a special needs brother
and his family has many needs also. He is the nicest person, I hope to
see him again. We had Richard and Tina Smith from Apollo Signs
volunteering at the silent auction table. This couple took over the
silent auction table like pros, we didn't have to worry about a thing.
I don't know how to begin to thank them for all they did. Sometimes
saying thanks seems so little.

We had one fire department
family at the event. The Ferguson family is always there when we need
them. Joel was one of the fire fighters that we met for the first time
at our house in August, almost 3 years ago. Joel had to give up a days
work at his lawn mowing business to come out to be a volunteer in case
we needed him. Joel, his wife Karen and their little boy Joseph have
become like family to us. We often take Courtney out on outing with
them. I can't begin to tell you how comforting it is to know we have a
family we can call on when we need help. The City of South Houston Fire
Department bought many raffle tickets for the event but could not
attend because of training.

Many of you may recognize Ruthie
Johnson. She is the young lady that has come out to Courtney for 4
years in a row on Easter morning wearing the Easter Bunny Costume. If
you missed the montage, go to the link Courtney's Videos on her site
and watch the Easter Memories Montage. Ruthie's story with Courtney
began when Courtney was in the hospital when she was turning 3 years
old. Courtney went to surgery to have a central line placed and the
surgeon punctured Courtney's lung. Courtney had to stay in the hospital
with a chest tube because of that. Ruthie's story began when I called
the mall and asked if someone would come in costume on Easter morning
to visit my beautiful granddaughter in the hospital. Ruthie was the
person who answered the phone. She has found a way to get to Courtney
on Easter morning for four years in a row. We cherish our friendship
with this young lady, she is such an inspiration to us. We hope she goes
far with her beautiful singing.

watching the montage many of beautiful photographs you will see were
taken by our personal photographer, Tania Elizalde. We met Tania when I
went to her parents beautiful ballroom to  inquire about the cost of
having a special celebration for Courtney's 5th Miracle birthday a year
ago. Since Courtney most likely will not live to celebrate her 15th or
Sweet 16 birthday, Candace told me she wanted to make sure that
Courtney had a special 5th birthday. Tania's story began that day as I
sat  down to discuss the celebration. I left with tears of joy and
couldn't wait to tell Candace about the miracle that has just happened.
The Elizalde family was giving the entire event for 200 people to us at
no charge. Venue, food, DJ, servers, two tier cake with fountain and a
castle on top,  beautiful table and chair linens and a very expensive
photography package. I still cry when I think about how generous this
family has been to us. We now have the honor of calling the entire
Elizalde family our friends. They invite us to their special family
events. Tania and her fiance Heath are getting married in October and
Courtney and Kendall will be their flower girls. We are forever in
their debt for all they do for us.

Among our guest this day
were some friends of my husband Manuel's. Coach Larry Mora, his wife
Sondra and Barry Boggs have been Caring for Courtney for a very long
time. When Courtney was three years old, these wonderful people had a
huge BBQ fundraiser to pay for  Courtney's special wheelchair stroller.
For three days these people gave their all for Courtney. Our community
came out in droves to help, buying the plates of BBQ to help Courtney.
I just can never thank them enough and will never forget how hard they
all worked. Barry and Larry didn't stop Caring for Courtney after the
BBQ either. They both are always there to help with anything and
everything we need. Barry is in very poor health but he still came out
for many many days tearing out the garage and helping with Courtney's
new wheelchair accessible room. He is a special blessing to us. The
wonderful Rod Sutton and his wife were sitting at the table of friends.
I don't know what we ever did to deserve this special man's friendship.
He has spent many long hours working in the hot garage for Courtney. He
also comes within minutes if something goes wrong with the air
conditioner for Courtney. God has abundantly blessed us with these
people. I need to recognize the Pasadena Independent School District
employees for all their support over these last three years. They have
bought many raffle tickets and come out to support Courtney in her
events also. I looked over and saw Kevin Thompson, another PISD
employee and friend. I need to thank him also for all the raffle
tickets he has helped sell.

I want to thank the Merida family
for attending Courtney's event. Their son is Hayron, he has the same
terminal illness as Courtney. He is Courtney's best friend forever.
They have become good friends.

Now I need to thank all the
people and businesses who donated things for the raffle and silent
auction. We appreciate you all. I know I have missed thanking many, I

God has used each of you to show us that he will
take care of us, our needs will be met. You are an extension of his
love. We are grateful for all you have done for us. We love you all.

 Many say to us that Courtney is lucky to have us. We are the lucky ones. We
have one of God's special angels he has sent for us to take care of. I
accept Courtney as a blessing. Knowing that this precious child will
not always be here for me to kiss, that she will never walk or call me
grandma is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with in my life.