Friday July 11, 2008
Some of you may recall how taking Courtney to the beach has been a goal of ours since last year. We had hoped to take Courtney before she was to go to the hospital for the g/j replacement surgery which she had in October. We want Courtney to experience everything that's possible, at least once. Our Fire Fighter friend Joel Ferguson and his family wanted to help us make this dream come true for Courtney but we were not able to get our schedules to work out plus Joel has been very sick himself, even spent some time in the hospital. We had planned on going on Friday with the Ferguson's but they had a death in the family and had to go out of town for the funeral.
We knew we would need some help and were hopeful that someone would be able to meet us at the beach to help with moving the plywood "board walk" we would be using to roll Courtney's wheelchair/stroller out to the waters edge. My husband stayed home because the volunteer electricians said they might be going to work that afternoon on Courtney's room. As it turned out, Candace, Sarah and I had to make this happen for Courtney. Candace is very sore today and I am wearing patches for back pain and my back brace but we feel so blessed to have gotten to do this for Courtney. All day we have been talking to Courtney about the beach and she now knows what it is like to have been to the beach, not just something she knows about from tv.
The pages in Courtney's little book of life are full of miracles, blessings and amazing people and events. God is so good to us, we are blessed abundantly