We spent our New Year's eve with our friends the Elizalde family at their downtown ballroom. We all enjoyed listening to the Mexican music, Courtney's favorite is the El Carnivalito which Tania danced for the first time for Courtney on her 5th Miracle Birthday Celebration last April. There was all kinds of different music played during the evening. Courtney was on the dance floor being twirled around many times, she loved it so much.The food was excellent, lots of tamales, chips, sandwiches and desserts galore. If awards were given for the night I believe Tania and Kendall would tie for the "Dancing Queen" award and Officer Steve Kelly would surely win the "Dancing King" award because he was the most friendly gentleman of the evening, dancing with all the ladies.

This is Courtney's first New Year's party! We want to thank the entire Elizalde family for inviting us to join them in bringing in the New Year!
We all had the best time!