Greetings friends! I do apologize about taking so long to update. January has been spent mostly inside due the weather and all the sick people out and about. Courtney gets up in her stroller and goes to the living room and outside some when the weather permits. It is good that we were so busy in December because we don’t feel bad about staying in now.
January Happenings:
*Our wonderful friend at MDA, Annie Clary and her mother-in-law made about 25 new spit cloths for Courtney. Our friend Dawn Daw’s came up with the most creative name for them, “Designer Droolies”. God is so good to us, always sending the most caring people in to our lives. Thank you both for sharing your time and talent. We love showing them off when we go out, the droolies are a perfect addition to Courtney’s Princess persona.
* I don’t know if all of you remember me writing about Courtney’s OT, Dawne Sweet a while back. I was requesting prayers for her husband who had to have surgery for cancer. Well, I don’t think I mentioned it but on the very evening before her husband was to have surgery, Dawne prepared a wonderful Italian meal, with all the trimming for us. It was right after we got home from Courtney’s last hospital stay in October. Dawne and her husband Larry (who is doing well) adapted toys for Courtney for Christmas. Larry is quite the artist; he gave Courtney two story books and made drawings of the characters in each book. The drawings are the perfect size so Courtney can hold each in her hand while I read the stories to her. I could just go on and on about Dawne, she has been a God send to us in so many ways. We just love her so much and appreciate all she does for all of us.
January 3: We met one of Courtney’s Fire Fighter hero’s, Joel Ferguson, his wife Karen and son Joseph for a play day at Chuckie Cheese. The pizza was cold, the service was bad but the kids had a great time. We always love spending time with this family, they are amazing friends, and we are blessed to have them in our lives.
January 5: My son’s (Courtney’s Uncle Brandon) car was totaled by a drunk driver. Praise God that he was not in the car but inside his girlfriend Estella’s parent’s house at the time.
January 11: I went to pickup “Courtney’s Miracle” dress at David’s bridal. It is so pretty; we can’t wait to see her in it.
January 24: We took Courtney out to visit the Pasadena Ballroom. It is so pretty, Candace loves it and we are praying so hard that we can get this location some how for “Courtney’s Miracle”. Afterward we ran by Michael’s craft store to pick up a few things. It was late, a week night and not the best of weather so not many people were in the store at all. Candace had to get some new t-shirts to make my youngest daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Taylor Doodlebop t-shirts for the concert we all will be going to on Feb.3. We saw the Doodlebops last year and had a great time but they still will not have a meet and greet.
Please, include Courtney’s SMA friends in your prayers. They have been hit hard this year with RSV, with many being hospitalized for long periods of time.
Thanks to our wonderful friend Fire Chief Garcia, for giving up his Sunday afternoon
(his only day off ) to go with me to talk to the owner of the Pasadena Ballroom. Please join us in prayer that the owner will have a kind heart and he will allow us to have Courtney’s Miracle Celebration there with the fees waived. The owner is supposed to get back to me in 2 or 3 days.

On a final note, I want to thank all of you for your responses to Courtney’s pictures and montages that I share. I just can’t help myself, I love bragging and showing off photo’s of my family.
Like this song says, how sweet it is to be love by YOU; we appreciate all of you so much!