Courtney to Hayron:
My best friend is the bestest friend a princess like me could ask for,
we are a like in many ways, we are almost the same age, he is just 8 months younger than me.
We both love Barney the dinosaur and we both are learning our ABC's,
we have danced together and played basketball together too.
We like to hold hands with each other and we go to each others birthday parties.
When we visit together we both always cry when we have to leave each other,
I love my best friend we will be best friends forever and ever!

It amazes me
How I can see
That there is still
so much more
After all this time
It's not hard to find
Why I adore you
Your smile, your
heart, my friend
You make me all that I am

[ Chorus ]
If you can tell me how
I could love you more
than I do now
I will
And I know without a doubt
I will give you all
I have to give
As long as I live
I will

As the years go by
I know that I
Will never leave your side
You're the world to me
And I'll always be
Right here for you
Until the last breath I take
I'm yours, for the
rest of my days

[ Chorus ]
I can't imagine how
I would be now
Without you here with me

[ Solo ]
[ Chorus ]
I will give you all
I have to give
For as long as I live
I will