They're all Winners!

Courtney made it to all three practices before the big game on Sunday. This was another wonderful adventure to add to Courtney's little book of life. After Courtney was diagnosed with the terminal illness Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1, we were told that she wouldn't live to celebrate her 2nd birthday. On that day my dreams that I had for my beautiful red-headed little granddaughter changed. I had given up on dreams of watching Courtney do many things.

Because of Cody's Field of Dreams one of our dreams, long ago given up on, was brought back to life. Courtney got to be a baseball player, she played baseball as part of a team, and she wore a team jersey. With a little help from her mommy and buddy Crystal, she practiced thr owing and catching balls, she got to bat and run the bases like any other "normal” child. We proudly displayed Courtney's baseball sign in our front yard just like any other "normal” family. Cody's field of dreams is not a "normal" team of baseball playing children. Even the game itself on this field is not the "normal" baseball game.

On this field, there was no score kept, no outs. None of those things matter on the field of dreams. Getting to bat the ball whether it went far or not didn't matter, throwing a ball and if anyone didn't catch it, it didn't matter. What mattered was being on a team and each child knowing that for today, they are the "normal" ones on this field. As one young girl went up to bat, the announcer called out her name Michelle, then said Hannah Montana up to bat. I watched as she jumped with joy, saying “he called me Hannah Montana”. The girl hit the ball and ran to first base. When she made it around the bases and back to the home base, she ran to the fence, jumping with pride and excitement yelling to her family sitting in the stands, I did it! Did you see me? My eyes were all teary as I watched and thought what a blessing for her to be able to be here today and how blessed I was to be able to witness such a special moment in this young girl’s life. Our precious princess was all smiles, she loved it when her mother ran her around the bases and helped her hit the ball. I couldn’t0Ahelp but cry as I watched Candace push Courtney around the bases. As I watched all these special children of varying abilities on this field playing baseball, I silently thanked God. A young girl walked up next to me and asked me who was winning, I told her they all are, they're all winners in this game.

On Wednesday evening we went to the church that sponsors this event for these children for the awards ceremony. Courtney was smiling as she watched the children go forward when their names were called to get their trophy. Courtney was looking at her trophy and raising her eyebrows, her way of saying she likes it. Each child received a trophy, each child was a winner. Many of the Buddies were sitting over to the side,  I watched as they smiled and applauded each child. The pastor of the church said a few words thanking us for allowing them to share in the lives of our children during the baseball camp. He called up the  biker club members who raised thousands of dollars to support Cody's field of dreams to thank them for their support. I though to myself, just look at the faces of all these people, they were glowing with love for these children, being thankful that they could help give them the opportunity to play baseball. I felt God's presence, I saw him in the faces of all these people. Love, peace and kindness filled the  room. As we were leaving one of the bikers said to us "Y'all come b ack again next year". I got tears in my eyes as I wondered if Courtney would survive another year to go back to the field of dreams.

Thanks to the San Jacinto Baptist Church, the Bay Area V Twins Biker Club, the volunteer Buddies and all the people in the community for making dreams come true for all these children and their families. We all are winners on Cody's field of dreams!