Saturday March 8, 2008
Finally, we got to meet Dan Zanes! We had our tickets for seven months in advance. First thing when we arrived we went straight up for the private reception " Pajama Party and Breakfast" with Dan Zanes in person. As soon as he walks in the room it was like he was just a regular guy, no one seemed that excited, maybe it was because all the other guests were the theater big wigs; big company donor families. The Wortham/Cullen Theater is where all the big opera performances are held, the center of the Theater District.
Dan is different for sure, he is a musician, plain, pure. He is all about folk music, songs that have been almost forgotten. Fun to see the music enjoyed by all the generations, the grandparents, parents and the kids of all ages.
Courtney cried after some of the songs, she didn't want the fun to stop and of course as we were leaving she started to cry. I bought Courtney a Dan Zanes t-shirt to add to her collection and a matching one for Kendall. We all got to meet Colin Brooks who plays the drums and the pretty Sonia De Los Santos, she sings and plays the guitar. Her parents were really nice and enjoyed meeting Courtney.