Friday February 1, 2008
Yes you read it right, Princess Courtney played hookie from school today. Can you imagine that? She's home bound schooled, in pre-k and already playing hookie! All I can say is it was a beautiful day, she felt well so what kid wouldn't rather go on a wildlife adventure with animals so close you could kiss them than lay in your hospital bed and review ABC's with Mrs. George? This is the best place we have ever been to, so much better than the zoo. Courtney could see all the animals unlike at the zoo with the fences blocking her view. Little sister Kendall loved the park too, she really loved the pony, calling it her baby. Madagascar is Kendall's favorite movie so she loved the lemur, giraffe and zebra's. We could not believe how tame the animals were, the most aggressive animal was the ostrich I believe. My heart and soul are full of beautiful memories with my precious Courtney, this day belongs near to the top for sure. We can't wait to go back again, wish we could afford the season tickets.