Saturday Dec.5, 2009
The City of South Houston Volunteer Fire Fighters Christmas Parade of Lights

We all put on our fifties outfits, coats and gloves and got into our places on our amazing "Rockin' Christmas" parade float. Our goal was for our fifties themed float to be authentic for that era with the music, people, furniture and props. The crowd loved our float and our entertainers. Ruthie was fabulous, singing some Rockin' Christmas songs along with a Patsy Cline song. The handsome young Shayne Travis stayed true to our theme by singing some of our favorite Elvis songs. The crowd, especially the girls really loved Shayne. Jerry and SueAnne were awesome playing their parts so well as the soda jerk and soda shop woitress. Sean kept the music going while Sarah sat with him smiling pretty at the crowd. Shirley, Kendall, Shellie and Karen sat at their booth waving to the crowd. Courtney went to sleep during the parade so she didn't get to see much. Candace was watching Courtney, making sure she stayed covered. And me, well besides being so cold that I thought my toes wauld fall off I was having the time of my life enjoying the music and being with family and friends. Wanting to remember every detail to store away in my most treasured memories.

All our hard work on the float paid off with a beautiful trophy for Courtney and fun memories to cherish forever.

Most people only know her as the little red headed girl from South Houston, Texas. Her nickname is Princess Courtney and she is loved by many. The little girl has a terminal illness called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Princess Courtney wasn't supposed to live past the age of two. Everyone who meets the little red headed girl knows that this child is special.

Princess Courtney's family knows that she will not be with them long so they want Courtney to have as many wonderful adventures and memories as possible. Courtney's family and friends do their very best for this amazing little girl. This adventure is but one of many that fill the pages of Courtney's little book of life.

Many of Courtney's friends from all over the world who have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, are never able to leave their beds or are in the hospital or have passed away and are in heaven now. It is for Courtney and all of her friends that we dedicated our float.

Special thanks to the amazing up and coming singing star Shayne Travis from Cleveland, Texas and our very good friend Ruthie Johnson for performing on our float. Even with the extreme freezing temperatures they still sang and did so with a smile.

We want to thank all those who were on our float and those who worked on our float. It took each and every one of you to make this a winning parade float. From the smallest detail like the mugs to the retro furniture and the trailer.
Volunteers: Shayne Travis, Ruthie Johnson, SueAnne Scruggs and Jerry, Shirley Rosas, Candace Rosas, Linda Rosas, Manuel Rosas, Sarah Rosas, Sean Howard, Joel, Karen, Joseph Ferguson and the entire Ferguson family, Shellie and our four walkers,
Donations: Big State Trailer, Incredible Pizza, Walmart, City Cafe and John Phelps State Farm Ins.