The Wiggles Live 2008
On Sunday Aug.3, 2008 we loaded up once again for the drive over to the TOYOTA CENTER to let our princess go to her fourth Wiggles concert, that's four years in a row. As we arrived we were greeted by friendly faces who recognized us from previous visits to the center, not only employee's but other families who have attended the Wiggles concerts before. Courtney is quite a celebrity around these parts, people told us " I know her, we saw her on the big screens last year talking to Dorothy or " Anthony introduced us to Courtney two years ago". The employees called us "devoted fans". One mom said that she sat near to us last year and was brought to tears as Courtney went up to the stage.

At the meet and greet it was good to see the Wiggles in person again, they always walk right up to Courtney when they see her. They spend time talking a bit and making sure there are pictures taken. Candace gave them all SMA awareness bracelets last year. We noticed after the show began that they all had taken their bracelets off. This year Candace gave them all Courtney's new "Caring for Courtney" bracelets, Anthony left his on for the entire show this time. You will notice how Murray always goes out of his way to pay attention to Courtney each year. He always comes down off the stage to touch her hand and say something to her. Anthony is the same way with Courtney, always taking time to wave to her and he always announces her name several times during the show over the microphone. This year he walked to the edge of the stage and bowed to her and said for everyone to say hello to Princess Courtney, everyone turned to look at her to see who the princess was.
The show this year was so different than the other years. It seemed like a big stage performance with so many things going on there wasn't much time for audience participation, they usually ask for the bones that  
children bring for Wags, and the fruit baskets for Anthony but not this year. They did ask for the roses for Dorothy but she did not get to accept them herself. The dancers gathered them for her. Wags and Dorothy did not have much stage time at all this year. There was a magnificent inflatable castle and the dancers performed more than before. The dancers wore beautiful new costumes and were doing acrobatics all during the show. Anthony got in on this, hanging from one of the ropes. Kendall's favorite part was the Humpty Dumpty act where Jeff was Humpty, she liked the horses in this part especially. (I am including at the bottom of this page, links to other peoples video's they uploaded to you tube). Everyone loved when the Wiggles all came out dressed in their polyester leisure suits, singing "you make me feel like dancing", they even performed as the Beatles once. After the last performance Murray took Courtney's poster and her roses for Dorothy, he walked all over the stage holding her poster that proclaimed "Princesss Courtney loves the Wiggles" up high so everyone could see it.
I remember that very first time we went to see the Wiggles in 2005, that was Courtney's first concert, her first big outing. We've come along way since then, I never would have dreamed that Courtney would survive to go to another concert the following year. Living from one day to the next as we do, our past and our present are clear and embedded in our hearts but our future, our tomorrow's are something we dream, wish and pray for. Just one more day Lord...