There are so many people to thank that I thought I should dedicate an entire page!

 To Dr. Kevin: Thank you so much for all you have done for us. Without your excellent skills and positive attitude in the face of adversity we never would have survived. We also greatly appreciate you speaking at David Alexander’s memorial service. We thought it only fitting, since you helped bring him into the world, for you to be there.

To Todd: Our oldest and dearest friend. There are no words strong enough to tell you how grateful we are to you. You have always had a clear view amidst the storm. Thank you for always being there whenever we need you. We’ll always be here for you.

To April B: You have taken such good care of Jenna and of us. Thank you for your big heart and your even bigger set of shoulders. I am so glad that you are our friend.

To Erika: Thanks for helping me keep it real! Your quiet faith in God inspires me.

To Casandra: Thank you for taking such good care of  David. Your compassion and skill are phenomenal. David has inspired me to go back to school, but you have inspired me to get my nursing degree.

To Pam: We can never thank you enough for you being there. You made David’s last hours dignified. Thank you for taking his footprints and making sure we got everything we needed. You may think your tears went unnoticed. Believe me they were not. God bless you.

To Dr. Schenkman: Thank you for supporting our decision and honoring our wishes.

To the doctors of Seattle Children’s Hospital PICU: Thank you for your professionalism, your candor and your compassion for our situation. I know giving families bad news is the worst part of your job, but you did it well.

To the staffs of TMX Aerospace and Wizards of the Coast: Thank you for your good thoughts,  your prayers, and your donations to SMA research. We are very glad to have such remarkable people in our lives.

To Mr. Cully:  Thank you for reminding us of our warrior spirit.  We needed it to fight this battle and the battles yet to come.

To Ginger:  Thank you for the books and most importantly your prayers and support.

To Laura Stants:  Thank you so much for making such a beautiful tribute to our son.  Your talent is fantastic.  God bless you!

To Dr. Zimmerman: Thank you for the truth.

To April T: Thanks for listening whenever I need you to!


To our Family: We love you. Thank you for crying with us and for us.