Emma's Second Month!


Emma2ndmo..JPG (10281 bytes)

Who's taking my picture again?!


Emma2ndmopic..JPG (6178 bytes)

This is my Easter outfit.  Isn't it pretty?


Emma,Rissa,Ash.2ndmon..JPG (26964 bytes)

This is my Easter picture with my big sisters Marissa and Ashley



EmmaandBlanket2ndmo..JPG (4421 bytes)

Why did they put this blanket on my head?



Emmaonarms2ndmon..JPG (3830 bytes)

Don't I look so Sweet?

Emma,BrucesParty.JPG (7734 bytes)

Bruce's Party


EmmaBaptisum1.JPG (12478 bytes)

Mommy's getting me dressed!



2Cake.JPG (11756 bytes)

This is my Baptism Cake!


2EmmaBaptisum2.JPG (8457 bytes)

Look at my Baptism Dress.  Isn't it pretty?



2FamilyBaptisum.JPG (12349 bytes)

This is my family after my Baptism

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