Erinne's Photos, Page 3!

6th Birthday at Chuck-E-Cheeze!



Happy 2nd Birthday Erinne!
"I'll blow out the candle, but I'm not eating that!!"


Happy 1st Birthday Erinne!
"I don't like this much!"


OT Hand Braces & Wrist Splints
4/99 Elana taught me how to crawl!


Feb. 99; 21 1/2 months:
"Now I'm standing up without the long braces!"


Feb. 99; 21 months:
"Look mom, no hands!"
(Walker, Long Braces and AFO's)



PT Swimming 11/98
Patti taught me I could move my legs in the water!


At day care in a Vertical Stander



Erinne, Easter, April 2003


The 'Princess' label Fits!



MDA Telethon Labor Day 1999
The Williams Family


May 1999
Big Sister's Confirmation!


Feb. 99
"I like Elmo, but not this close!"
Sesame Street Live
(with big brother Kevin)


Christmas 1998
Claire 13 1/2
Kevin 7 1/2
Erinne 1 1/2


Christmas 1998
with sister Claire & brother Kevin


Christmas 1998
Erinne at 19 months.


Erinne at Halloween