Erinne's Photos, Page 7!

Introducing......... Erinne and Latte!!!!


(3/28) Pictures with the photographer



Waiting for the next photo shoot



With Latte's Wonderful Trainer Lindsay



(3/27) Out exercising Latte



Erinne giving Latte the "Jump!" command to jump over the sewer grating.


Hanging out with the guys after a hard day's work.



(3/27) FINALLY some beautiful Georgia Sunshine!



Went to see "Shaggy Dog" at the movies




In the theater -- do you see Latte?  Good - because you shouldn't! She is on the floor asleep already!



(3/27) Erinne with her new friend Trevor from Alabama


(3/26) Shopping at Walmart




ALWAYS smiling!!


2 of Erinne's new friends - playing Game Cube in the lobby (note all of the dogs)


Latte would have gladly retrieved the pool balls for Erinne!


2 VERY tired girls after our evening out!



 (3/24) Turning on and off lights



Latte found a glasses case on the floor and brought it to Erinne unsolicited!


Opening the door


March 2006 Training Camp - 13 recipients        (Erinne is 2nd from the right)


Individual Picture: Erinne & Latte



Two tired girls!


(3/23) Latte is tugging open the drawer...


... taking out the remote ...


... and handing it to Erinne!!



BOTH girls smiling!


Out for yet another jog...


Deep in conversation...



Bonding time ~



Ready for bed!


(3/22) Two very happy best friends!



(3/22) This is Latte doing "lap" & then "paws" -- she has her paws on Erinne's footrests.



And here Latte is trying to be a lap dog! Erinne really is under there..... somewhere!


Latte is walking ..... Erinne?



Out for a quick jog!



Latte getting a treat for doing a good "jump on."


LOOK!! Flowers are in bloom here!



Latte has already figured out where Erinne hides her treats!


If you look closely, Latte is 'helping' Erinne unwrap a present !

(Thank you, Amanda and Callie!)



Killing time, back at the hotel until I see my Latte tomorrow!


(3/21/06) - Match Day!






(3/20/06) - First Day of Training Camp!