(3/28) We took a tour today of the Canine Assistants Farm.


Erinne meets "the kid"


10 horses and a therapeutic riding program



Service dogs in training!



Don't worry -- they're fine! They are all crowded in here because they spotted visitors - us!


Latte & Erinne playing after the tour



"Run to Mom, Latte!"


"Run back to Erinne, Latte!"


Utter devotion



(3/29) Waiting attentively for instructions


Rewarded for a good job


Smiling girls, as always



Erinne and -- you guessed it -- Trevor & his dog Penny (Latte's sister.)



Tired from shopping?


The trainers and founder, Jennifer Arnold


Erinne with Latte's trainer, Lindsay



Latte & Erinne snuggling


Erinne, Trevor & Ryan from Fla.


Latte, on the right, and her sister, Java on the left.



Playing our version of Canine Jeopardy, preparing for the final exam


Smiling Latte!



(3/30) Final Exam - Commands & Control


Note how attentive Latte is to Erinne in these pictures


Others are holding their dogs down. Erinne commands with her voice/body language.



Light/switch command (on and off)



Brownie Troop brought dinner for the recipients and stayed for a visit


Final solo field trip at the mall


Disastrous trip to visit the Easter Bunny (see journal entry)



(3/31) Graduation Day


All dressed up and ready to go!



With Latte's wonderful trainer, Lindsay



Graduates lined up, waiting to be called.


The founder of Canine Assistants, Jennifer Arnold, and her husband Dr. Kent Bruner, CA veterinarian


Sleeping through the ceremony



Latte accepting her certificate in her mouth with a "hold" command


William Mason & his Mom Tonya came to the ceremony.


STILL tired!



Afterwards, back at the hotel. TLSO (back brace) is off, showing her scoliosis


Latte, William Erinne & me


(4/1) Home Sweet Home



This says it all......


Out for their first walk together