Erinne & Latte, April & May 2006 !


May 2006 In the old schoolhouse

Greenfield Village


Trying Sour Patch Kids candy for the first time

Always Smiling!

Fun in the pool with Uncle Gregg, Rachel, Noah & Kevin

Latte & Erinne both smiling with Aunt Jodi


She doesn't like her brother, much, does she?

Cousins Swimming!

Looking for a treat

Goofy dog!

Having a BLAST with Uncle Gregg!!

Got a treat for me?

STILL exercising!!

4/22 Dyeing Easter eggs

Hard at work !

Easter bubbles

Looking for eggs

May 2006/ Waiting while Erinne gets her hair cut

05/06 At the hair salon

May 06/ Outpatient visit at Children's Hospital


Uh.....valet? Where's my ride?

What the heck is that ???

Latte gets plenty of exercise

Back of the May chair (theme changes each month)

I just had to throw a picture of Kevin in here, lest anyone think I only have 1 child!

Out for another run !

(4/8) Snuggling

They are like this all the time!

Watching a DVD & trying out the new hospital bed

Modeling the new raincoat (she looks thrilled, doesn't she?)

(4/3) Latte's first visit to school. She's very impressed.

(4/2) Kevin taking Erinne & Latte for a walk.