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In our gut we have both good and bad bacteria that are kept in alignment by our stomach acids. I believe our children with SMA have an over abundance of yeast. Yeast directly and indirectly effects the entire body and its functions. When there is too much of one kind of bacteria in the gut then this bacteria takes over. It eats up the starches in our foods. The bacteria from the yeast ferments causing gas and bloating unless there is something to keep the system in check, you can get overgrowth of yeast. Do you ever notice a funny cheese like substance between your child's fingers and toes. Do the hands and feet smell like buttermilk or sour cheese? Does your child who has a feeding tube seem to get infections around the site of the g-tube periodically? Problems with ear infections? Do you notice these symptoms get worse especially after a round of antibiotic therapy? It is my opinion this is caused from yeast.

On a daily basis I give Hannah one teaspoon acidophilus. It has both lactobacillus and bifidus in the mixture. These are two very important bacteria. If you choose to give acidophilus to your child, I recommend the brands that come in the refrigerated section of the health food store. I do not recommend the kind you purchase off the shelf. The reason for this is you will have more potent and live bacteria from the refrigerated live bacteria. Be careful when purchasing any brands that you READ the labels and pick products that are free of all milk proteins, whey, corn and soy. Some products do contain maltodextrin. I give products with maltodextrin to Hannah but again do not seem to have a problem.

Acidophilus can be purchased in pill form. You could give one or two pills depending upon your situation a day.

When Hannah has a flare up of yeast around her g-tube site or anytime she has been on antibiotics I double up on the acidophilus. I give 2 teaspoons a day for 14 days. When the symptoms clear, I continue back as before with only giving her one teaspoon. I also use an anti-fungal cream called Nystatin which I have prescribed from Hannah's physician for external infections. If you can not get a prescription from your physician or just want to test my theory then you can purchase Lotrimin or Monistat cream or their equivalent over the counter.


I also highly recommend you begin giving acidophilus to counteract the yeast problems so many SMA persons have. Taking the acidophilous internally helps promote normal gastrointestinal flora. It helps generally all over the body as well. I have never ever heard of any problems from giving acidophilus only great results. I used Natures Way Primadophilous for Children ( comes in powder form) when Hannah was younger. Now I use Natures Way Primadophilous Junior for children 6 years of age and older ( comes in capsule form). It is found in the refrigerator at the health food store here. Read the labels. A lot of the acidophilus has dairy proteins in it, especially, the liquid ones.

The acidophilous helps keep the yeast problems under control. It seems like all SMA individuals suffer from yeast. Sites where the yeast occurs most often is on the feet or hands, at the g-tube site, vaginally, where the bi-pap mask strap is when there is lots of secretions for an extended period of time, or anywhere that is kept dark and moist. Yeast problems typically get out of control especially when someone has been on antibiotics. It is ok to take the acidophilous even when on antibiotics. Do not administer the acidophilous at the same time you give the antibiotic so as not to lessen the effectiveness of the medication.

If you get yeast on the body you can use over the counter remedies such as tea tree oil. Monistat (the stuff they use for vaginal yeast infections), clortrimazole, lotrimin or any other antifungal over the counter. Prescription wise, I have found  Nystatin powder works the best for the diaper area. It also works at the g-tube site. However, for the g-tube site I prefer the tea tree oil. I do not think Nystatin oral suspension works at all for thrush in the mouth. For thrush, my preference is to swab Gentian Violet in the mouth by using a q-tip three times a day for three days. Gentian Violet stains everything so be careful not to get on clothes or anything you do not want permanently purple.


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