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Glutamine seems to be a very important amino acid for SMA. 


Here are some facts ……….


Glutamine is: 


Glutamine is not: 


People who are under constant stress are more susceptible to disease from infection caused by lowered immunity levels. Glutamine is the primary energy source and fuel for the immune system During stress from illness, up to 1/3 muscle stores of glutamine are released for nervous system usage. Depletion of glutamine can cause muscle deterioration (if not replaced by supplements)


Glutamine may be considered a non essential amino acid for the normal individual who is not under constant stress and whose body has the ability to make it. Glutamine is probably not in high levels in SMA affected persons due to their constant stress. It is my opinion that Glutamine can not be made fast enough, stored long enough or acquired from the diet (especially when there is a protein malabsorption problem like there is in SMA). Glutamine should be taken by those affected with SMA to help preserve muscle and keep the body in an anabolic state.

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