Information on Vaccinations/Immunizations

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Vaccinations - ARE YOU INFORMED?

I never even  thought of questioning whether or not to get Hannah vaccinated. I mean this is just something everyone does as far as I knew. The doctors just tell you to come in and you get the shots and you go home and leave. ARE YOU GOING TO BE INFORMED? I was not back then but I am now. Whether you decide to vaccinate or not just at least be INFORMED of your options!

Hannah has had vaccinations up to 6 years of age. After having Hannah, we have had two more children whom we have not vaccinated and do not plan on vaccinating. I did a lot of reading and research on vaccinations to come to this decision. It was not a decision made lightly but one that we feel was very informed and is the best for our family.

Early on we had spoken to other families who had felt their childrens symptoms of SMA really began to show after being vaccinated with the live polio virus. Hannah had some live oral polio vaccine as well as the attenuated shots. Since we did not know that Hannah had SMA at the time of the first polio vaccines, we did not know to look for progression of symptoms of weakness. Hannah was diagnosed at 5 months of age and had all the recommended shots up to this point and after. All we could do was try to remember and look back retrospectively.

We no longer give the flu vaccine and have never used the RSV vaccine, chicken pox vaccine, or any other of the new vaccines they have come out with since Hannah was born in 1996.

If you are interested in researching more on vaccines, I have listed a few good sources on the internet

(I also recommend reading “Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? A Parents Guide To Childhood Shots” by Neil Z. Miller)

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