Jack's Family

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This is me with my family-my Mom and Dad (Debbie and Mark) and my big brother Matthew. 


Jack's Grandparents

When Jack was diagnosed, his Grandpa McKee wrote a poem for him.  We've included his poem "Jack Christopher" on this page. 

We also want to share with you some words that Jack's Granny read at his funeral.  When Jack died, his Granny asked Father Ed to help her put something together to describe what an Angel was.   Father Ed was happy to help, and we've included their words "My Little Angel" here as well.   

"Jack Christopher"

You have lifted me up...
by touching me with the
warmth of your smile.

You have talked to me...
not with words, but with
your expressive eyes.

You've put love in my heart.

You have given me new strength
through your courgeous
example...for the Lord gave you
more weight to carry than I can
ever comprehend.

You have reminded me that
any problems that I have
encountered...are small
compared to problems faced
by others.

You see, Jack Christopher...
you are my hero...now and

Grandpa McKee

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"My Little Angel"

Is it really right to think about a child being, as we say, "a little angel"?

I don't really know for sure.   That is up to the learned theologians.  I do know that little Jack will always be my little angel. 

Angels come and go in the presence of God, and this is where Jack now happily is, in the presence of God.  Angels can never sin, they are always pleasing to God, and Jack, in his perfect innocence, never knew what sin was.  Like the angels, he is perfectly pleasing to God.

Angels are everywhere.  Nothing can keep them from us.  Now nothing can ever seperate us from Jack, no walls, no distances, no nothing at all.  Like the angels he is everywhere, everywhere we take him with us in our hearts.

We think about the angels as being messengers of God, and if we listen closely we might hear Jack speaking Gods message to us in times and ways we might least expect.

Finally, we know that angels go about doing good, helping people along their way, leading, guiding, protecting.  Now little Jack will spend his days and his eternity giving glory to God by doing good, by helping us along our way, leading, guiding, protecting.  What an awesome task, what an awesome eternity for a little child.

Will I miss my little angel?  In one way, of course, I will, but in another way, a way of simple faith, I know in my heart that Jack will always be with me and with us all.

Jack will always be my little angel.

(Composed for Oatsie by Father Ed, July 11, 1998)


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