Ages 2 & 3

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Miss Kalair Mariana Myrick
almost 4 years old and full of the joy of life!


Mommy and Kalair snuggling while they watch a movie. 11/03


Mommy with her great big sleeping girl



Kalair working out with her full body slings.


Kalair using her brand new computer.  She is using a Smart Nav device to point with.  If you look closely, you can see a small dot on the finger nail of her right index finger.  She points at the Smart Nav with the dot and this moves her around the screen. She then uses a super sensitive Bubble Switch to click with. It is so sensitive that she only has to come close to it to activate it. She caught on to these concepts immediately! But she does not appreciate tips from anyone. She wants to do it herself!


Kalair and Mommy Thanksgiving 03


Kisses from Mommy Thanksgiving 03


Kalair and her mommy and daddy on Thanksgiving 03


Kalair's little family ~ Thanksgiving '03



Grandma Sallie and her great big girl!


Kalair and Mommy

Mommy loves to hold Kalair!