Ages 4 & 5

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May 11th, 2005  Getting ready to send a Spongebob to Malia in heaven on what would have been her sixth birthday...


Snuggling with Daddy...


Playing the game Pretty Pretty Princess...

"I don't really have to play at being a princess though, I just am one!"




Father's Day 2005

My Daddy came to see me, and he got to meet my little brother too! 

I'm helping grandma with the greenbeans.





I love a good, cold carrot stick! 

Here's me and Grandma Sallie, the very first time I got in my new EasyS chair...I love it!!!


I like when mommy shows me all my guestbook entries...



And I really love working out!

Happy 4th of July 2005 from me and my new, little brother, Arturo!