Ages 4 & 5

 Page eight

 BiPAP Princesses and Best Friends...

 Kalair Myrick & Skylar Saranchuk


 Sky and her mommy, Tracy


 Coming home from Greenville...

 Our visit with Mr. Cole


 Buddies playing with their toys...

 Coley didn't want to share his frog!


 Just hanging out


 Princess Kalair is smiling at her friend


 Look how tall we are!


 Kalair (age 4) and Cole (age 2)

 Earth angels and friends

 A little smile from Cole...

 he's still checking Kalair out!


This is a pic of Kalair with her COLE's quilt. 

 COLE's Quilts (Creations of Love Etc.) was

 started in honor of our friend, Cole Webb,

 and his fight against SMA type one.  Cole

 joined the angels on November 18th, 2004. 

 The wonderful stitchers of his group

 still provide beautiful crosstitched quilts

 for SMA children and families.

 Please visit Cole's Website

 and the COLE's Quilts page, in honor of our

 angel friend. 


 We love and miss you, Cole!!!