Ages 6 & 7
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    Arturo and Kalair ~ May 11th, 2006      Getting ready to send balloons to heaven for Malia's seventh birthday...



  Arturo's Cousin Mia, Arturo's big sister, Shaylyn, and the little prince and princess...



  Yasmin and Kalair 



Arturo and Kalair ~ Turo's first birthday party



   "Grandpa" Tom, "Uncle" Tim, "Aunt" Toya, Grandma Sallie, Yasmin, Kalair, and Turo



Big Sisters watching over their baby...



 Kalair, Arturo, and Shaylyn



  Kalair's family... Summer 2006 


 More of Turo's b-day party at Deanna Rose Farmstead...  Kalair with her mommy, daddy, and baby sister, Trinity