Please be patient, the pictures are large to show detail...

 Before buying a van, I recommend looking to get a  good idea of what you want
If you
contact Wheelchair Getaways they have all sorts of vans in stock for rent.
They rent accessible vans and you can see what they all have - all different kinds before you buy. 
Their website is


Winter 2007


From our Apartment entrance

The van

Doors open, lift unfolded - this is all controlled by switches on the rear of the van or controls by the driver.

Lift down

Lift folded up

Snow and van

My spot - we have dropped floors in my area so I don't hit my head on the ceiling.  Also is helpful if your parents or caregivers are tall.

Back seat - The back seat is raised up to regular floor height.  It can also be folded flat to lay down on.  I don't use this feature but it is there. 

The lift from the inside looking out.