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Kriss and Danica's Wedding



This is my Mum and Dad on their wedding day. They got married in Jasper, AB in 1997.They have lots of tales to tell.

My Mum is from Vancouver originally, and my Dad is from Glasgow, Scotland. They both met in Australia in 1996 while traveling and working around the country. It was love at first sight and they spent their first three days together on a deserted stretch of Australian beach. It was very romantic and they have been stuck like glue together ever since.

After exploring more of Australia they traveled  through SE Asia (lived on a fishing boat, chased Komodo Dragons and met lots of interesting people and sites), then over to Scotland where they battled the Scottish winter as bicycle couriers.  In April ‘97 they came to Canada so Kriss could get the once over by my mum’s mum before they got married!  They took a train through the Rockies and were married outside of a bed and breakfast cozily nestled in the mountains surrounding Jasper, Alberta. They bicycled out to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; sleeping with a herd of Bison, getting caught in a blizzard and hitching part of the way!

I decided to join them in May while my parents were busy fighting off black flies at a tree planters camp.  That summer  I was still  just a little “bump” (getting rapidly bigger) And we had lots of adventures. I got jostled about in the 27 foot school bus we lived  in and could hear our new little puppy Sophie playing outside of Mum’s belly!   Mum and Dad say that raising a puppy was a trial run for getting used to having me!

As winter approach in 1997 they decided against spending  their first Prairie winter in a bus so bought a little house with a big yard just outside of Saskatoon instead. I decided to peak out into the world when my parents seemed suitably established and you can read all about my life in the section about “My Life”.

Mum and Dad miss me very much and they have lots of pictures of me all over our house. They are keeping very busy with work and school. Dad is in a Degree Nursing program just now, and Mum is in a Biology degree program. Every day they think of me and realize how precious every day  is.  They want to share the gift of love they  gained from having little me!

I think they’re great!!!!!!!!!!!!



1Kriss Ocean and Sophie ready to go out..JPG (158932 bytes)

Kriss, Ocean and Sophie ready to go out.


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Danica and Ocean!


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