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Me with nana on Thanksgiving.


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My first birthday. I can't decide if I'm impressed by it or not!


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My birthday with Mom and Dad.


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My birthday.  Mommy and daddy didn't invite too many people for fear that they were sick and I might catch something.


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I liked to bang on this bowl with a spoon.


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This was a day before I passed away.  Mommy didn't realize how sick I looked until she got these pictures developed.
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This was also the day before I passed away.  Mommy took me out in the yard for a couple minutes, but it was too cold.  Ironically, it is also the last picture mommy had left in her camera.  We were going to get our Christmas tree and decorate it the next day so mommy told daddy to go buy more film.  God decided to call me back home to heaven though the next day so mommy and daddy never did get more film or that Christmas tree.