Birth to 6 Month Photos
Page Two

Special time with Grandma Sallie

Happy Valentine's Day

It is brotherly love

Amira and Nana Margaret checking each other out

Smiling at Nana

Grandma and Amira matching in pink

Auntie Sheena came to meet the baby.

Trying on one of Baby Kalair's outfits

Almost got a smile

Trying on the headband accessory

Mommy loves Amira

Bright-eyed Amira

Kalair's hospital photo outfit

Amira is two weeks old already

Amira and Turo in daddy's lap

Our first family picture

Help, Turo is using my head as a drum

With Aunt Theresa

I have spikey hair

Such big beautiful eyes

Dressed up

Such big eyes

Chubbing up

I'm just too cute!!