Birth to 6 Month Photos
Page Three

Grandma and I in the mirror

Sitting in Turo's bed

Hanging out with Turo before bed

Time for bed

Looks like I am exercising

Hanging out with daddy

Mommy and I

Aunt Edith's pillow

Hanging out in the bathroom with running water don't worry,
it calms me down

Sleeping while Nana holds me

Sleeping beauty

My normal day...bib on backwards and wearing only one sock

Do I like pacifiers or not?

Trying to hold my head up

Mommy carried Turo and
Turo carried me

Loving holding my head up on Turo's chest

We are such cute kids

Help!!  Turo has me in a headlock

The dazed photo shoot look

Funny girl

I hate thrush

Sleeping my lamb from Ms. Lora

A sleeping angel

Grandma soothing me