Photos 2009



Autumn hugging her little brother

On February 16,

Autumn celebrated her

4th birthday.

Blowing out four candles!

Cheesing for the camera

Autumn & Aaron playing

with her new kitchen set

Outside with Daddy after

preschool pajama day





Visiting with my brother Jeff

Yes, he's a subscriber

A gorgeous photo of Autum

taken by her daddy

Me with my girl

She's Daddy's girl too

Visiting with Grandma Marcia

Enjoying a play, but not wanting

to have her picture taken!

Autumn & Harrison

Getting ready to ride bikes

Meeting the Johnson family--

Torrance also has SMA

Just hanging out at home.

The kiddos outside









Daddy with the kids after his

hand surgery

Autumn loves the ipod

Autumn's first day at Taylor

preschool--it didn't work out so we

put her at U of M

Coloring on Big

Blue's tray

Enjoying a Halloween care

package from Grandma Marcia

Getting ready for trick-or-treats!

Playing outside at her new


Celebrating Harrison's

9th birthday

Harrison dressed up for scouts

Daddy playing with his Autumn

Decorating cookies in the stander

Posing in front of the

Christmas tree