Age Three
Page 7

My Bayou Throne

Momma showed me the flowers she is using to decorate my Bayou Throne. Nope, I'm not givin back!

I'm Princess Tiana from the Princess & the Frog

Mmm, s'more

I love being out and trick or treating

Princess Tiana and her Bayou Throne

Got my cheetos and the remote, I'm all set. Just like DaDa

Tasting some roasted corn at the Greater Gulf Fair

Mmmmm, I got cotton candy

Just what I wanted Mommy! And the guesser got my birth date wrong! I won a bear!

Ava at the doctor's (November 6, 2012). She got a clean bill of health, gained two and a half pounds since her last visit, and he increased her tidal volume by ten because she's growing so fast. Where has my little baby gone???

Momma says my eyes speak to your soul

My new Christmas ornament