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Grace, Brynna, Ellie, & I

Laughing at Daddy

Taking a bath

My Baptism

Our Family

Grandpa Mike & Grandma Kathy


Hanging out with Brynna

We love each other so much

Grace, me, Brynna, & Ellie
Christmas 2010

Santa Baby

Smiles for Daddy

I loved my Dad's beard. It always made me smile

Off the ventilator I was on for a week when first diagnosed with pneumonia and suspected spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) Type 1. Mommy says that they were SO blessed to have more time with me-couldn't wait to get home!

The lovely BiPAP mask to help me breathe...look at those eyes! I was wondering, "what is this thing"! At home, I wore it just for sleep and  was okay with it as long as I wasn't awake while wearing it.

Smiles in the tub

 I loved my blue lambie from Grandma  Kathy and Grandpa Mike.

All smiles with my feeding bag and toy I liked to bat at.

Ellie & I

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