Journal 2009

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Monday, June 15, 2009 4:47 AM, CDT  

Where to begin!  Weíve been having a great summer break so far.  Charlieís been having a great time now that we have Blue back up and running.  His new favorite game is playing freeze tag. We have to find a neighbor (adult or child Ė Charlie doesnít age discriminate) every day we can get outside to play with us.    We go up and down the street ringing door bells until someone can play Ė itís too funny.  Itís been nice that weíve had a mild spring so far.  Weíve had so many nice days to enjoy outside.  Once it gets too hot and humid, itís hard for Charlie to stay up in Blue for too long.  But weíve been enjoying it as much as we can!


Charlie also has been playing Miracle League baseball again this spring.  Weíve been lucky and have had great cool mornings so far.  Last Saturday was his last game before the season ends until next fall.  There seem to be a lot of kids playing this time. 


Lilyís been having a busy summer as well with lots of sleepovers and camps so far.  Sheís playing softball too.  With the cool weather, I havenít braved taking the kids to the pool but Iím sure weíll get there soon enough.


We leave on Wednesday to head to the FSMA conference in Cincinnati.  John isnít coming, so say a prayer or two for the long drive without our wonderful Daddy doing all the packing and driving.  Iím going with my mom and our dear friend Abby, so Iíll have plenty of help.


Emma is still our wild girl.  Sheís busy and into everything.  We are truly blessed.  Thatís my quick update for now.  Iíll try to post photos soon and update about the conference fun when I can!

Sunday, May 24, 2009 10:29 PM, CDT  

Happy Memorial Day (almost).  I realized I havenít updated since Charlieís surgery way back on May 7.  The surgery itself went well.  Charlie is such a trooper.  On Friday, we were ready to check out to head home!  He was pretty itchy, which we figured out was caused by the Oxycodone that he was taking over night.  They sent us home with a dose of Benedryl.  Between that and the Oxycodone, he couldnít keep his eyes open.  We set up his Bipap machine so he could sleep in the car on the ride home.  He didnít make a peep for 2 Ĺ hours!  We always alternate the Tylenol and the Oxycodone every two hours so that he stays comfortable for the long car ride home.  He did well, but we did keep him on Bipap the whole trip this time (which weíve never done before).  We even had to stop and cough and suction him for about 20 minutes.  He was never in danger, but he did have some gunk in his chest or deep in his throat that he (and we) wanted to get up and out.  It was the first time weíve had to use the UPS system in the car and we are very glad that it worked the way it was suppose to work.  I donít think weíve ever been as happy to get home.


Charlie was in a lot more pain than usual this time.  He usually stops taking the Oxycodone a day after we get home because he doesnít like the way it makes him feel.  This time, he asked for it for almost a week.  Then he turned the corner and was fine with just Tylenol for a few days.  Now he is almost back to normal.  He still says I hurt him when I carry him up and down the stairs, but itís not so bad that he wants Tylenol or anything.  We hope that this extended pain is a one time thing and that itís not indicative for what heíll have to go through every surgery from here on out.


I had a nice Motherís Day.  I hung close to home since Charlie was still having pain.  Lily and John went to church in the morning and then in the afternoon they had Lilyís soccer game.  It was a mellow day for me Ė mostly hanging out with Charlie and Emma.


We were planning on taking Charlie back to school for the last few weeks, but Dr. Schroth recommended staying away.  She said that with the H1N1 flu still out and about that it just wasnít worth it.  We agree, but are very sad that Charlie wonít get to finish Kindergarten with his classmates.  His last day will be this Tuesday, so maybe weíll sneak up for a good bye.  We have been enjoying doing the Web cam with his class in the mornings.  Itís not a perfect system, but it allows him to participate in the class work and to see his friends.  We are planning on doing the Web cam next year when Charlie goes on homebound again.


Charlie, Lily, Emma, Nurse Lori, Grandma and I spent a fun, quick morning at the local Farmstead last Thursday.  Charlie had a blast driving Blue around and feeding the goats.  Emma was in heaven.  She caught on to feeding those goats and kept trying to kiss them when they were eating from her hands.  She is such an animal lover already.  Lily was a great big sister.  She helped Emma and Charlie get the food, and she fed her share of those goats too.  She and Charlie Ďpannedí for gems at the mine and then it was time to race home.  Charlie had his teacher coming at noon for school.  It was a quick but fun trip to Deanna Rose.  Weíll be back.  Charlie wants to fish next time and Lily wants to ride the pony Ė which is funny considering we have a horse she can ride (if we ever have time to get out there)!


We celebrated Johnís bday this weekend.  The kids had fun making cards and wrapping presents for him.  WE took Charlie to his Miracle League baseball game on Saturday (Johnís actual birthday) and Charlie had fun.  Itís great to watch him buzzing around in Blue. 


We do have other big news.  We bought a lot.  After years of trying to figure out how to make our house more assessable as well as looking for other houses that would work, we decided to bite the bullet and build.  If anyone out there has ANY ideas of what we need to be sure to do to build an assessable house Ė please help LOL.  We want to make sure we do it right! 


Thatís it for now!  Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009 12:47 PM, CDT

Charlie is back in his room after surgery.  He is off bipap and doing okay.  We are having some issues getting the pain controlled, but he is a trooper.  If all goes well, we hope to hit the road home tomorrow.  But one step at a time....

Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers.  We know that God is good!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 10:28 PM, CDT

Wow!  What a day.  We had to be at UW Children's by 12 so that we could have the X-rays done on Charlie's back for his surgery tomorrow.  It's always scary for any SMA parent to be around so many sick people.  We think to ourselves, "why are they wearing masks, what do they have and how can we keep Charlie safe."  The last place we want to be is at a hospital when Charlie's is healthy and everyone else is sick LOL.  But we luckily got our X-ray quickly and were able to get up to the floor and into Charlie's room.  Then the long day of check in begins . . . . Doctors, nurses, more doctors and more nurses coming in and out until finally peace and quiet.  Charlie is sleeping soundly on his pappy.  It was a tough afternoon.  They had to try three times to place his IV.  It is awful listening to Charlie in pain while they dig at his hand, then his foot trying to get into a vein.  I so wish it could be me in that bed instead of Charlie.  He is so brave.

On a good note, we did all get to enjoy a swim this morning before heading to the hospital.  Lily, Charlie and Emma have so much fun in the pool.  Maybe some day we can get one in our back yard :0)  The kids would love that! 

The drive up to Madison went well too.  Emma fussed more than normal, but how can you blame a 16 month old for getting bored and tired of being in a car seat for 7 Ĺ hours! 

I better sign off.  Charlieís surgery is tomorrow at 9:10 Ė so please keep him in your prayers.  Iíll update when I can.  We hope and pray that it goes as well as last time!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009 4:38 PM, CDT

As you will be able to tell, I started an update back on April 11 and never posted it.  So here is our quick update from there.


Today, Emma fell and knocked her head (a very common occurance with our wild child).  Anyway, I picked her up to give her some loving and her ear was red!  I though she was bleeding, only to find that she had stuffed a strawberry in her ear!  She is my crazy kid that is for sure.  What a fun giggle she gave me.


Charlie had his 6 day of using the web cam to participate with his classroom.  Itís going pretty well and I hope we can figure out a system so that next year it works even better.  Right now they are just doing a trial with Net Meeting.  Charlie has fun seeing his friends, but canít wait to get back into the classroom.


We had a fun Easter with my family (mom, brothers and nieces and nephew)  the kids had fun finding eggs at our house before heading over to Grandmaís to hunt and eat.


Lilyís been doing well.  We are looking into finally getting a piano for her so that she can stop using the keyboard.  Itís been three years of piano lessons with the keyboard, so I think sheís ready for the next step. 


I guess Iíll stop here Ė just to get this posted.  The below section is the one I never finished.  Enjoy!  And hope everyone is well.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Itís been another few weeks  between updates.  I guess Iíll just have to try to keep up to at least once a month updates at this rate.  Iíll blame it on having my third child.  She keeps me on my toes :0)


Iíll start by updating about today.  We had a busy one.  We started out at our Church for the Easter Eggstravaganza.   The kids heard the real story of Easter and then we headed outside for the egg hunt, games and carnival bouncers.  It was a fun morning.  They had all the kids hunt eggs at the same time in different areas based on age, so poor Emma didnít get to find any.  It was too hard with Charlie and Lily and trying to watch and help there.  But Iím sure Emma will find a lot tomorrow.  The kids planted seeds, made a butterfly ornament and then played in the bounce house.  Lily had a soccer game at 1, so we left after that to have lunch before her game.  I had to miss Lilyís game and she scored a goal!  I was bummed to hear that.


Charlie had his good friend Mackenzieís bday party at 2.  They went to the Pottery Playground to paint piggy banks.  Charlie had a good time and was excited to see some of his old school friends since heís been on homebound school this winter.  So itís been a busy day and we are hanging out resting now.  The kids are so excited for Easter tomorrow.  Charlie has been counting down the days ever morning when he wakes up!  Itís been really cute to watch.


Yesterday was a great day!  Weíve been trying to get Charlieís school to use a webcam during class so that Charlie can participate at home.  We had our first trial using Microsoft Net Meeting yesterday.  It worked, although itís not perfect.  We hope to be able to figure out how to best use the system so that Charlie can ďgo to schoolĒ even when he is homebound.  His teacher isnít sure how it will work when there isnít someone there working the webcam for her.  So weíll see how it all goes.  The kids seemed really excited to see Charlie and Charlie was very excited to see them.  It made him want to go back to school now though.  We are still at least a week away from that since there is still RSV and Strep going around.


I recently submitted the following blurp to the FSMA newsletter about my niece Taylor.  I am very proud of her and touched that she chose SMA to do the project on.  So I thought Iíd share it hereÖ.Thirteen year old Taylor Ruisch was assigned a group project in school.  The project called Imagine It is normally a college-aged assignment where you have to figure out how 100 post it notes can better the world.  Taylor and her group took it on full force.  They decided to do something for charity and chose SMA in honor of Taylor's cousin Charlie Sykora who has SMA Type I.  They made the sign, filled it with 100 post-it notes reading "Thank you for donating to SMA.  Your donation will help children around the world."  They set up a table at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and raised $115 in two hours.  They educated a lot of people about SMA and even won Best Project for their class.  Taylor said it was great and that they had a lot of fun!

Friday, March 27, 2009 4:55 PM, CDT

Disney Vacation


Day one


On Monday, we went to Disneyís Magic Kingdom. We had a wonderful time. Disney is truly a magical place and they really know how to treat kids with special needs. We spent most of our time in Fantasy Land. We rode the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride, Scary Adventures of Snow White, itís a Small World, Dumbo, Peter Pan (twice), we went to meet several characters: Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and all of the Fairies. The Fairies had a special surprise for Charlie and waited until everyone was gone so that we could see ALL of them at once. Charlie and Lily loved it as you know Charlie LOVES pretty girls.

On the tram on the way back to the car, poor Emma threw up all over herself and the stroller three times! We cleaned her up and thought she was done. She seemed a lot better and happier. So we loaded up in the van. Poor thing threw up once again all over her carseat. By the time we got home she felt much better, but did throw up a little more. I think it was too much heat and not enough water! She was able to eat noodles and bananas for dinner and slept all night without any other issues. I had to take apart her car seat to wash it and then did my best on the stroller, but it is still pretty darn nasty! Emma is all better though. She woke up Tuesday happy and 100%.


Day Two


We went to Hollywood Studios on Tuesday. It started off on the wrong foot. We pulled in, parked and it was time to feed Charlie. I realized that I had left the cooler with his food at home. So, Emma and I dropped off everyone and headed back home. As you know, Charlie has special food that he needs! While I was gone, the kids, John and Denise were able to see the HS Musical show. Emma took a short nap in the car which was perfect and we were back in business at the park. We went to the new Buzz Lightyear ride first thing! The kids had a blast. I really wish we would have made it back for a second time, but we were so busy doing other things that we didnít. We went to see the Beauty and the Beast Show, watched the new Block Party Parade (and Lily was pulled out to dance with them) and then got to meet Bolt and Rhino, Mickey and The Incredibles. They were all so wonderful and nice to the kids. We ended the day by doing the animation drawing class where Lily and Charlie learned how to draw Goofy.

We made it home for a late evening swim, bath and bedtime fun!


Day Three


Lily and I had a fabulous day! We got to be Trainers for the Day at Discovery Cove. We were in a group with three others and our trainer. We went behind the scenes and saw where the dolphins are housed, where they make the food for all the animals at the park, how the water systems work as well as the back of the Aviary. Then the fun part came where we got to be in the water with the dolphins. Lily and I got to ride on one and learn how to perform tricks with Cap -- heís the only Dolphin at the park who was born in the wild. He was even in the movie Jaws 3, so that tells you how old he is. He was such a neat dolphin. After the morning with the dolphins we enjoyed lunch and then feeding the sting rays, snorkeling with the fish and even petting a shark! They are working on several nurse sharks so they can do a shark experience just like the dolphin experience. The best part of the day happened in the afternoon when we got to go back in with the dolphins. We held on to Cap and CJ and they flew through the water with us holding on to their fins. Then we did a trick where one dolphin pushed each of our feet and we really went flying through the water. They are such powerful animals and it was such a treat to spend the day with them. Lily and I ended our day playing in the lazy river until John came to get us. While we were at Discovery Cove, Charlie, John, Emma and Denise went to visit Give Kids the World. Lily was sad that she missed going back to GKTW because it is such an amazing place.


Day Four


We decided to head to Epcot on Thursday. Denise (the nursing student who came with us) didnít feel well, so she stayed in her room after John bought her some Pepto and Sierra Mist. Anyway, we got to Epcot and saw a few things, but then Lily said her stomach hurt. She, Emma and I went to the infirmary to let her lay down to see if sheíd feel better. After about 40 minutes, we left to meet up with Charlie and John. We went to an interaction with Crush and then rode on a ride with Nemo. As we left the building, Lily said that it was all coming up. And sure enough, she lost everything she had in her tummy right into the bushes. Luckily, that was the only time she would throw up. She did get a pretty high fever by bedtime. So we moved her into another bedroom (she was sharing with Charlie) and she did well all night.


Day Five


Lily woke up better and feeling like she was ready for our last day at the parks. We loaded up by noon and headed out to Magic Kingdom for our final day of fun. We had a great time riding the Buzz Lightyear ride (twice), seeing the Monsters Inc show, riding the Mad Teacup ride, Itís a Small World, Tigger ride and the Snow White ride. Itís always so much fun spending time at Magic Kingdom. We always leave there feeling like everyone at Disney knows just how special and incredible our kids are. We were all sad that our time in Florida was almost over. We enjoyed another swim, then gave the kids baths and started to pack up so we could head for home on Saturday morning.


Day Six, Seven and Eight


Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday were spent driving, unloading the car at the hotel, setting up medical equipment, feeding the kids and going to bed, only to repack and drive again the next day. The drive home wasnít as peaceful as the drive down. We could tell that the kids were really tired out and Emma definitely was a lot more whinny and fussy in the car. It was really great to get home Monday afternoon!

Lily had the rest of the week off from school (she gets two weeks of Spring Break) so we just spent some lazy days playing catch up. As fun as vacations are, itís always so nice to get back home.

Hope everyone is staying healthy, and sorry for the long winded update. Now weíll start the countdown to Charlie heading back to school and his next surgery on May 7. Time is sure flying. I did post a ton of photos on

Friday, March 13, 2009 4:37 AM, CDT

Well, itís been a month. Maybe I should just resign myself to updating once a month because Iím so bad at doing it lately. Itís 4 a.m. and Iím wide awake because we had some Bi-Pap issues. This is the machine that helps Charlie breath all night for those of you who donít know. It was working, but making a horrible high-pitched sound. I had to call Apria to have them track down a replacement. So, here I sit three hours later with the new (different) Bi-Pap in hand, but I canít sleep. So, what a perfect time to update :0)

We leave in the morning for Orlando! We are headed back to Disney for Spring Break. The kids (and John and I too) are so excited. Iím not excited about a 19 hour car trip with a toddler though LOL. I will take loads of photos and try to update while there.

The last month has been busy. So a quick recap:

Charlie has had several fun playdates with two older boys who come over to play DS with him Ė itís too funny. And then he had a playdate with a neighbor boy and they played some Wii. Heís enjoying school and his Kindergarten teacher is back from Maternity leave so heís happy to see her.

Charlie went to a school friends bday party at our local park center. They saw snakes, bugs and other animals and played fun games. He got to go to the party with Grandpa Sykora and John since Grandma and Grandpa were in town visiting.

He was also the star of a fundraiser party that a good friend through in his honor. Charlie was surrounded by more than 30 women so he was in heaven. He loves being the center of attention. The fundraiser raised more than $2,400! Thanks to MB (and family) for holding such a wonderful party in Charlieís honor. The money is going to Families of SMA (FSMA).

Lily finished her basketball season and did great.

We had a fun weekend of SNOW and the kids had a blast sledding outside (well, Emma didnít! Iíll have to post photos to show that she HATED her snow suit and then hated being out in the snow).

Thatís the main events I think LOL Itís hard to remember a month of events! I did break my crown last night so weíll be rushing around to hopefully get everything taken care of so we can hit the road! Keep us in your prayers for safe travels, Charlie to stay healthy on the road as a cold would be awful when we arenít at home, great weather and fun! Iíll write again when I can (or think about it LOL)

Don't forget you can always check out updated photos at

Friday, February 13, 2009

Almost three weeks without a post, I guess that means weíve been pretty darn boring around here.  Charlie is still doing homebound school.  He has a teacher come twice a week and heís really having fun working with Ms. Gigi.  He also has a PT come once a week and then the OT and a special needs teacher also come once a week.  So heís keeping busy.

Today, Charlie is at school for his class Valentineís Day party.  John took him because my backs been bad lately and I was afraid of lifting him so much.  Iím jealous and hope they are having fun.  There are still a lot of bad bugs going around so please keep your fingers crossed that Charlie doesnít pick something up by going to school.  We always hesitate and donít know whatís the right thing to do during time of year.  We want him to have fun and keep in contact with his school friends, but we also worry about everything that he can catch in school.  We have several good SMA friends who are either in the hospital now fighting RSV or have recently returned home from the hospital and itís very scary. 

Charlie is addicted to his DS that he got for Christmas.  He would be happy if we played with him on it all day!  Itís very funny.  Heís having his cousin Bobby over for a playdate so that Bobby can show him how to get to higher worlds on Mario Brothers.  Lily loves to play too and I think we actually are all addicted to trying to get past worlds/levels.

Emma is still our most active baby.  She is so easy going though so that makes it easier.  Sheís already climbing on things, in things and up things.  She is trying to figure out how to crawl over our baby gates, so I donít know how long those will last.  She is such a wonderful addition to our family and we canít believe sheís already 13 months!  Time is flying too fast.

Lily is still busy with school and all her activities.  She is growing up too fast.  She is playing basketball and taking piano and a math class right now as well as being part of her Brownie troop.  So sheís keeping busy.  I canít believe soccer starts soon too.

Well, happy early Valentineís Day.  Iíve been bad at updating photos, but will let you know when I do.  Hopefully, it wonít take 3 weeks to update again.  And remember if you want to check out  you can click to be emailed when journal updates happen.  Just thought I'd let you know in case you are interested.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weíve had a pretty mellow week.  And surprise surprise Iím actually updating with less than a month in between!  The kids are back in school after their break and we are getting settled into our routines again.  We are waiting to meet Charlieís new homebound teacher and hope that we can get started with our weekly visits again soon.  Charlieís kindergarten teacher was coming to our house, but she had her baby boy a little early.  Congratulations Mrs. Jones!  So now we are waiting to meet his substitute teacher.  He is back in the swing with his PT, OT and ST and is doing well.  Charlie misses his school friends though and we are working/pushing to get him on a web/TV school so that heíd be linked with his class.  Wish us luck!

Lily is doing great and staying busy.  Sheís really enjoying the activities that she does.  She is our piano queen and we love listening to the songs she composes with her piano teacher.  She had her first basketball game last weekend and John said she played so well.  I wish we were all able to go to watch.

Emma is our busy girl. She is such a joy and we canít believe how lucky we are to have her in our lives.  Time is flying and Iím already missing the little baby she used to be.

We took the two older kids to see Bolt last weekend.  That was our big outing for the week.  With the cold/RSV/Flu season upon us, weíve been avoiding places with crowds if we can.  We have so many SMA friends who are sick so please if you have spare prayers, send some up for them.  (MJ, Sophia, Kaitlyn and Kyle just to name a few).  If you havenít already, please check out and sign it!  Praying for big advances in 2009!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  We sure did.  The kids had so much fun during their break.  Itís fun to see Lily and Charlie play and fight and do all the things siblings do with each other.  Charlie sure knows how to push Lilyís buttons just like a little brother should!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my mother, brothers and their families.  The kids played with their cousins and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal after church.  We didnít start opening presents until after Emmaís normal bedtime, but she was a trooper and did so well until I finally took her to my momís bedroom to sleep in the pack and play.  She crashed hard.  The other two kids had fun opening and/or watching otherís open presents until late!  We didnít get the kids home and in bed until almost midnight.  I donít know when Charlie has stayed up that late!  It was evident that all of the kids were tired when they didnít get up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa brought!

We made it downstairs by 8:30 on Christmas morning.  We had fun opening presents and then made breakfast and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus with a candle in the cinnamon rolls that we made.  The kids couldnít wait to play with their new toys after breakfast and we had a mellow day figuring out how to work their new DS games.  My mom came over for Christmas dinner and hung out until the kids went to bed.  It was nice to be home for the holidays.

The week after Christmas was mellow.  Lily continued to have sleep overs in Charlieís room.  They love to spend the night together. Lily camps out on his floor with a padded mat and many blankets.  The only bummer is that Charlie NEVER sleeps in so he was waking Lily up every morning way before sheíd wake up on her own.  But they had a great time all break doing the sleep overs. 

Saturday, January 3 we celebrated Emmaís first Bday!  Itís so hard to believe that sheís already one!  How is time going so fast?  It makes me very sad because sheís our last baby and I donít want the baby stage to end.  Emma had fun digging into her cake but didnít make as big of a mess as I thought she would.  The weather was so nice (in the high 60s) that we were able to go outside and play.  Emma was having a BLAST since sheís able to walk every where and get into the grass.  It was a perfect one day break in the cold weather.  Weíve had such a crazy winter Ė incredibly low lows and then these weird one day warm spellsÖ  I wonít complain, Iíll just enjoy them :0). 

On Sunday, we took Charlie, Lily and my mom to see Annie on stage downtown.  I think the kids really enjoyed it.  John was anxious to get home to watch his Vikings in the play offs.  We were sorry to see them lose.

Now Lily is back in school so weíll be getting back into the swing of busy schedules.  It was so nice to have the nice long break and now I have to get geared back up for school, sports and other activities.  I guess Iíll start looking forward to Spring Break :0) 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

At least I am getting consistent in my bad updating these days.  Here we are almost a month has past again since updating.  I guess those three kiddos of mine are keeping me hopping.

Weíve been having a lot of fun but again, some highlights:

Lily and Charlie were the flower boy and flower girl in our dear Abbyís wedding in early December.  They looked fabulous and did a wonderful job.   It was so awesome being able to be a part of Abbyís and Vicís big day.  Abby looked radiant, and the wedding was wonderful. 

Lily had her Christmas music program at school.  We took Charlie and left Emma at home.  The concert almost didnít happen.  The school lost power because a poor Canadian goose flew into the transformer outside the school.  Luckily, we were able to have the show even with temporary power.

Lily and I (Kim) went to see the Cheetah Girl concert with friends who have a suite.  They invited 4 girls and the moms.  It was a lot of fun.

Charlie continued to have home visits from his Kindergarten teacher, PT, OT and ST.  He loves it when they come to the house for school.

Lily had her piano recital at a retirement home.  It was a nice time and a lot of the retirees were there to listen as well.  Lily did an excellent job and we were very proud of her.

We took all three kids to see Santa and to play around the mall for awhile.  Itís been brutally cold here so it was nice to let Charlie have the opportunity to drive Blue and have some fun.   Emma did great with Santa for about 2 minutes and then sheíd had enough.

We took Lily and Charlie to see Suessical, a play down at Crown Center and it was very good.  Even John commented how much he enjoyed it.

We all went to church last Saturday to help build dinners for families in need of a little Christmas help.  It was great for the kids to participate and maybe get a little understanding of the spirit of Christmas and how truly blessed we are. 

Now today, Iím just trying to get the last touches done for Christmas.  We are celebrating Christmas eve at Grandma Ruischís house and then weíll have Christmas morning with just us and then Grandma Ruisch will come over.  Itís so hard to believe that Christmas is here.  This year flew by so quickly.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that the spirit of Christmas is with you throughout the New Year!  Much love and blessings!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well, itís been another 3 weeks since updating.  Weíve been really busy and having a lot of fun.  So Iíll just give you some highlights .

Lily had her First Communion on Sunday November 9.  We all went out to brunch with Grandma afterwards to celebrate.  Lily was very excited about her new cross necklace.

Charlie had a movie date with his good friend Mackenzie on November 11.  Mackenzie took the day off school so that it wouldnít be too crowded because she knows how we worry about germs with Charlie this time of year.  The kids had a blast and really enjoyed HSM III.

We had Charlieís IEP meeting on Friday November 14.  Charlie will start receiving homebound services.  His Kindergarten teacher will come two hours a week as well as his PT, OT and ST.  We are still working on getting ďtv schoolĒ in place so he can participate daily with his class.  Wish us luck.

On Sunday, November 16, Grandma, Lily, Charlie and I went to see Lion King on stage.  It was an awesome production and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

Emma started swim lessons the week of November 18.  We go on T/Ths for Ĺ hour.  Itís been fun so far and Emma is loving the water.

Some friends took me to lunch on Wed Nov 19 to celebrate my 41 bday.  Thanks guys!  It was a lot of fun and I do enjoy eating at North.

On Friday Nov 21 and Sat Nov 22, John took his big CFP exam.  It was the culmination of a lot of hard work on Johnís part studying and getting prepared.  I really hope that he passed!

We took off on Wednesday November 26 to head up to MN for Thanksgiving weekend.  It was nice to spend the holiday with Johnís parents and his sister Mona and her family.  Lily and Charlie have such a great time playing with their cousins Anna and Sarah.  On Thanksgiving night, Lily went over home with Sarah for a sleep over and Anna slept over with Charlie.  It was a wonderful trip. 

Sometime over the weekend Emma got her first tooth!  Sheís almost 11 months old and is just getting her first tooth!  She is adorable as always and busy busy.  She figured out how to climb up onto a chair today.  What next?  The kitchen counter?  She keeps us on our toes.

And thatís it for now.  We head to Wichita next weekend because the kids (Lily and Charlie) are in Abbyís wedding.  Abby was our nurse/sitter for a year and  a half before she moved to TX to marry Vic.

Happy holiday season everyone!  


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