Florida 2005


C L & M on beach small.jpg (46027 bytes)

 Lily, Mommy and Charlie at the beach shelling

Charlie play in water with mom (1).JPG (222740 bytes)

Charlie loves touching the water on the beach

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Daddy helping Charlie splash in the water

Easter Outfits  small.jpg (73693 bytes)

Charlie and Lily in their Easter Outfits

Stealing Lily's Eggs.JPG (178220 bytes) 

Charlie trying to steal Lily's Easter eggs

Edison Museum (2).JPG (328401 bytes) 

Grandma and Grandpa Sykora with Mommy, Charlie and Lily at the Estate of Thomas Edison

Edison Museum (8).JPG (377637 bytes) 

Daddy, Mommy and Charlie at the Edison Estate.  Lily took a great photo of us. 

Grandma Sykora and Charlie (2).JPG (208020 bytes)  

Grandma Sykora with Lily and Charlie

The Brannon Visit (23).JPG (260346 bytes) The Brannon Visit (10).JPG (252344 bytes)
Mom & Charlie on boat (2).JPG (175067 bytes) Gma and Charlie on the boat (4).JPG (171451 bytes)
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