March 2006


at park 3_11_06.JPG (695572 bytes)

Charlie driving over the bridge at a park.  We were feeding the ducks.

at park 3_11_06 (1).JPG (1030939 bytes)

Charlie, Daddy and Lily watching the ducks.

at park 3_11_06 (7).JPG (673565 bytes)

Another bridge shot

at park 3_11_06 (11).JPG (651486 bytes)

Daddy Lily and Charlie checking out the lake.

at Target 3_11_06 (2).JPG (457419 bytes)

John and Daddy our Charlie's madden trip to Target.

at Target 3_11_06 (1).JPG (630608 bytes)

Shopping at Target.

blue in van 3_05 (1).JPG (582507 bytes)Blue in the van!  Yipee!  It fits. IMG_0005.JPG (511214 bytes)

Charlie and Lily at the Great Mall.  This was Charlie's FIRST trip in his Chair to anywhere !! He did so well.

Char and Gpa 3_06.JPG (587149 bytes)

Charlie riding on Grandpa shoulders.  He wanted to do it because Lily did it!  Too cute.

Char and Gpa 3_06 (3).JPG (518306 bytes)

Same with the piggy back ride.  It is monkey see, monkey do in our house!

Gpa Lily 3_06 (4).JPG (489450 bytes)

Lily on Gpas back.  The reason Charlie wanted to as well.

Mall with gparents 3_06 (6).JPG (592820 bytes)

Charlie and Daddy on the Merry go Round

Mall with gparents 3_06.JPG (710107 bytes)

Grandma and Lily on the Merry go Round

Gma S and Charlie 3_06 (1).JPG (530046 bytes)

Grandma and Charlie