My Family


My sister Lily sneaking the rose off my birthday cake (yes, those are pink roses.  This was the only cake we could find on my real birthday while we were on vacation.)


Here's my cake at my birthday party when we got back from vacation.  Much better wouldn't you say.  But once again, sister Lily is trying to take my cake!


Me and my sister Lily.  Go Mustangs!   Of course, Daddy wants me to say "Go Huskers!"


Lily, Daddy and me

Mommy and me swimming in South Padre!

Auntie Mary, Uncle Tim, Cousin Claire, Sister Lily and me


Dad Kar Lil Char and maria webpage.jpg (121386 bytes)

Lily, Auntie Kara, Charlie, Daddy and Maria


Charlie bowling with gma small.jpg (76649 bytes)

Charlie Bowling with Grandma


Daddy and Us


Mommy and Us