Roe Fest 2005


walking for charlie small.jpg (102480 bytes)

Some of our friends walking for Charlie. 

Uncle David and Lily.JPG (587770 bytes)

Uncle David gives Lily a ride.  A mile is too long for her?

Rick Jason David Nick Charlie and Wendy.JPG (797212 bytes)

Uncle Rick, Jason, Uncle David, Nick and Wendy Vasos with Charlie -- he was smiling two seconds earlier.

Charlie Kristal and Brett small.jpg (100119 bytes)

Charlie, Kristal and Brett at the walk!

Drew Charlie and Carrie.JPG (626507 bytes)

Dear friends Drew and Carrie with Charlie

Danielle Charlie and Gina.JPG (703567 bytes)

Is Charlie checking out Gina's chin or what.  Danielle looks pretty happy too.

David and the Carters.JPG (654823 bytes)

Cousin Carters family with Uncle David

everyone but me.JPG (602076 bytes)\

Aunt Mona, Uncle Rick, Gma Ruisch, Sarah, Anna, Lily, Charlie & Dad


Family at walk small.jpg (120675 bytes)

The Family

Grandma and Charlie.JPG (438217 bytes)

Grandma and Charlie

Great Friends (2).JPG (115207 bytes)

Great friends!

John and Rick running (1).JPG (366075 bytes)

Making it the final hill home!