Lily's and Charlie's Birthday Bash


Char on bouncer (1).JPG (505262 bytes)

Charlie and Daddy on the bouncy castle

IMG_0035.JPG (646123 bytes)

Lily enjoying the bouncy castle

IMG_0025.JPG (417710 bytes)

Lily's bday outfit.  What a big 4 year old she has become!

Daddy and Lily.JPG (534100 bytes)

Daddy and Lily enjoying lunch.  Mustard anyone?

Char on Har with Mom.JPG (741245 bytes)

Charlie riding Harley with mommy.

Charlie.jpg (34982 bytes)

Charlie admiring himself in the mirror. He has Elmo on his check.

IMG_0042.JPG (702201 bytes)

Charlie with Auntie Lisa, Uncle Robert, Taylor and Mommy

IMG_0055.JPG (882582 bytes)

Cowgirl Lily on Harley

IMG_0095.JPG (838605 bytes) 

Cake anyone?

IMG_0051.JPG (647408 bytes)

Charlie getting Elmo on his face.  Cousins Taylor and Sidney watching.

The Lilies.JPG (472727 bytes)

Lily and one of her bestest friends Lily