My Equipment & Therapists


   Deb and Charlie.JPG (93414 bytes)  

Look at me in my Kid Kart!  What fun.  That's my friend Deb, who is my OT.  She comes to play with me every week.

Kristy & Charlie.JPG (203485 bytes)

This is me in my new Versa Form chair and in my stander with my tray.  Kristi is my PT who comes to play with me every week just like Debbie.  And of course, you know my big sister, Lily

Charlie's little room 3.JPG (244178 bytes)  Jane Deb and Charlie 2.JPG (227790 bytes)  Jane Deb and Charlie.JPG (223749 bytes)

This is a prototype of "my little room".  I'm also here with Deb and Jane. Jane is helping us with all sorts of neat assistive technology. 

Ms Linda Ms Jen and Charlie (3).JPG (229232 bytes)  Ms Jen & Charlie (3).JPG (222268 bytes)

Here I am with my two therapists from Children's Mercy, Jen and Linda.  Linda helps me with my AFOs and TLSOs and Jen does PT.  Then one with just Jen.

stander small 2.jpg (46766 bytes)  TLSO.JPG (252642 bytes)   TLSO for Hali.jpg (39753 bytes) AFO.JPG (323875 bytes) 

These are photos of me in my stander, with my TLSO and my AFOs as well..


Charlie playing with his table that Grandpa built!  Yeah Grandpa!

Charlies new shoes small 1.jpg (37575 bytes)  Charlies new shoes small 2.jpg (59251 bytes)Charlie's new shoes smaller.jpg (55790 bytes)

Some people wanted to see how Charlie's shoes work.  So, here are a few photos.  We are happy with them so far.  It helps so much to keep his toes from curling up when we try to get shoes on him.